Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 24

The party decided to go to the earth temple. The group’s ability to pass by the Golem with a password and the foiled earthquake chest had the group reason that the earth cultist should be stopped before they can try again.

The party made its way into the Earth Temple through the monastery we once explored. Down through the dungeon we come across the Golem holding a battle axe (that wasn’t there before) and 4 gargoyles surround us perched above (either we didn’t notice or they’re new too). We gained safe passage with the password but is looks like someone beefed up security since the last time we were by this way.

The first room we fought 4 hobgoblins and a cultist riding a bulette.

Then we fought 7 durugar in the next room.

We won both fights

Dah end


Where’a the loot list?

Session 24
Soryyn JasonLalonde

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