Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 25

(Bashaar, Grugain, Drongar, Nasaug, Fendira)

- Bashaar notices that our packs are glowing, we find orbs in them. After a lick from Drongar on his orb and an identify from Fendi, we get an inspiration for the session.

- enter the suite, Bashaar just rams in, there are 6 cultits, we fight! Drongar gets poisoned and Bashaar sickened


- we move down the hall and find a big statue of Orgramock, Prince of Evil Earth, made out of an old statue. The new one is sitting on the remains of the old dwarf one. We notice that it was made using an Mold Earth spell. There was discussion of breaking it but we decided to let it go.

- we go left where we hear people

- Grugrain goes in the room disguised as an earth cultist. He manages to find out that Marlos is in the Black Geode and he confuses the cultists by saying there are bad guys coming (from the wrong door).

- We fight them, Drongar rolls a 1, he is uncool for 2 rounds; Bashaar gets slowed and knocks himself out; Fendi does cool web!

- we talk to the webbed cultist: Nasaug attempts to intimate him in bear form… roars in his face, then just licks him.. cultist not scared but loves the lick.

(DM rolls 2 20s to resist Grugain’s 20 roll on intimidate… hacks…)

- we fail at the intimidates and move on

- we find a long chasm where we hear chains, there is a bridge off far in the distance. We decide to loop around and find the room where the chain sound comes from.

- Grugain goes in disguised, it is a forge with an evil Eart Djinn as the master and 2 durogar. He tries to talk to her and she just gets more and more annoyed that he is disturbing her work. He finds out that she is forging something for Marlos, some magical claws.
Then Drongar goes in, tries to help with the forging, Djinn is annoyed and he makes an ass of himself. She finally tells him to go make spikes.
Then Bashaar walks in, he struts his stuff, she growls angrily and says that Marlos is paying her handsomely to get this done and to stop bugging her.
Drongar insists that he makes the spikes faulty.

- there is a lengthy discussion about killing her or not… we move on… (will we regret this?!)

- there is a room with water in the middle and a door that says " BROOGS RUM. NORS IZ STOOPID"

- we go in to find a giant with 2 heads, an Eitten… dumb as mud and has 2 personalities

- we try to talk to him and it doesn’t go well, he gets angry at all the questions, flips the table and reaches for his weapon. .. FIGHT!

- He dies quickly … we feel bad… he was too dumb to know what was happening…

- we go to the far door and we recognize it as the entrance we had previously found in the water temple.



Soryyn Fendira

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