Princes of the Apocalypse

Session #31 - Fire cult gets stoned

by Nasaug

In Beliard,

  • The fire cultists try and open the two chests in the center of town
  • We try and stop them
  • Nasaug casts a stone wall (100 ft long) that separates 6 of the 10 fight cultists from the chests
  • Fendira and Grugain dimension door to the chests and try to close them
  • One chest turns out to be a mimic. The bomb chest is wet.
  • We quickly deal with the remaining cultists while something large is attacking through the wall
  • A fire giant breaks through the wall
  • Kilrin banishes the fire giant and he goes back to his plane of existence

After the battle ,

  • Kilrin tries to befriend the mimic by feeding it a soldier’s arm. It seems effective.
  • Kilrin names the mimic Ryan. Ryan’s sneaky.
  • The mimic’s still hungry so we keep feeding him body parts
  • Drongar fights the mercenaries burned to crisps
  • The mayor agrees to bury the dead mercenaries

Hide the bomb,

  • We travel to our pirate cove
  • Fendira puts an arcane lock on the box. Grugain and Fendira know the password
  • We decide to put the treasure underwater in our cove
  • Kilrin hides Ryan in the treasure room. Ryan tells Kilrin to turn off the lights since Ryan’s sneaky. Kilrin does and Ryan in the blink of an eye looks indistinguishable from a normal chest.
  • Fendira casts teleportation circle to bring us to waterdeep

In waterdeep,

  • We arrive in the wizards council
  • Everyone make a shopping list!!!!


Soryyn matthew_daniel_ohara

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