Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 24

The party decided to go to the earth temple. The group’s ability to pass by the Golem with a password and the foiled earthquake chest had the group reason that the earth cultist should be stopped before they can try again.

The party made its way into the Earth Temple through the monastery we once explored. Down through the dungeon we come across the Golem holding a battle axe (that wasn’t there before) and 4 gargoyles surround us perched above (either we didn’t notice or they’re new too). We gained safe passage with the password but is looks like someone beefed up security since the last time we were by this way.

The first room we fought 4 hobgoblins and a cultist riding a bulette.

Then we fought 7 durugar in the next room.

We won both fights

Dah end

Session 23 - Curse of the Fire Witch
The "bear" necessities

From the journal of Grugain DeVir

I can feel Marlos so close to us, I can almost feel his breath on my shoulder. He showed his anger with this Orb of destruction. He has found us to be more than an annoyance. Maybe we are even a real threat to his dread purpose. Yet i feel unease and i don’t know why. Every shadows makes me weary. Every whisper makes me paranoid. Even being in the tavern in Red Larch, while hearing Smitty in the background spin one of his tales, with his inspiring word, does not even help in any way.

The rest of us are sitting at a table, each in quiet contemplation, trying to determine what in the great circles of hell ,we will do with this orb of destruction. Whom to trust with its keeping? Where can we hide where it will never be found? It eats up lots of Fendira thoughts it seems. For my part, I crave vengeance upon Marlos for my petrification, but she seems to have more cause. I might have to step aside when the time comes. But i am Drow, as the party enjoys to torment and remind me ad nauseum, maybe i should be fiendish and selfish. But that is not who i am. If I had been selfish i would still be in the Underdark, with my mother the Countess whipping at the backs of any slave we could be cruel to. But i’m not there! I am here, in the light.

Suddenly a timid halfling approaches us. He excuses himself and asks us for our help. He say his name is Bertram Nettlebee and there’s ill happenings at his family farm. He is rattled and frightened for his family, which he actually takes the time to enumerate.They are composed of his wife Jane, his eldest son Watson, his middle son Darro, his daughter Ilsa and his youngest son Ignatius. His father Wigun, also called Grandfather, is also at the farm and from he says is the actual patriarch of the homestead.

He describes strange events. He says the livestock are being branded, stolen or killed. Even worse he says, a hill not far from his home, that is used by the Utgar as a burial site, called the Barrow Mound, has been burned by some unholy means. The main crypt had its entrance sundered and possibly pilfered by grave robbers. He is very afraid and is in dire need. He tell us the farm is east of West Bridge near the Desserin Hills. He also says it should have been his father Wigun doing the asking but he is too proud to ask for any help. Or to scared of losing money. He genuinely looks troubled and all of us are determined to help. Fendira accepts the given task.

We tell him we will meet him a his home. We do not accompany him cause we need to stop at the our Secret lair to leave Marlos’ evil Orb. We will take the river route with the boat to the lair and then when our task is done, head up stream to the fishing village just north of the lair and travel to the farm from there.

On our way to the river, we had to make camp for the night. Suddenly 12 pair of eyes shine bright in the light of our fire like a clowder of cats. They are more than a hundred feet away but seem to keep their distance. Nasaug summons Oliver to scout for us. He seems to sweep down and attack something. Soon he returns and lets fall the broken body of a goblin. Upon its chest is the crest of the Fire cultist. They are tracking us! Maybe they have something to do about the happenings at the Nettlebee farm? We scout back to where Oliver swooped down to find a untended fire. The Hippogriff must have scared the Great Old one into their hearts.

After a short uneventful boat ride, we arrive to the lair. Kilrin uses his magic to mold the stone tiles to create a secret area for the chest that holds the orb. Before sealing it, Fendira, with the help of Loganth, place a spell known as the Arcane lock upon it. Only they know the secret password to open it. Less people that can be interrogated to discover it. Kilrin seals the chest again using the shaping stone spell. The legendary dwarven knowledge of masonry is visible in his magic molding.

We set out for the fishing town near Stonebridge. The Bridges grandeur again astonishes me. We travel by horse and arrive to the Nettlebee farmstead. The farms livelihood seems to be oats and barley as well as livestock. By the ranches we spot Jane and Ilsa. Fendira greets them and asks them about the queer events surrounding the farmstead. She is bewildered and frightened. The livestock are branded with the Fire cult brand. This is the second sign of the fire cult. Will we learn more about this fourth and elusive elemental cult. She is also bothered by the burned mound which she calls an accursed area. She said her son Watson found the crypt’s stone broken and sundered. Being an adventurous lad he even entered it.

We decide to go and speak with him. We find watson tending to the cattle. Watson has a wooden sword and is protecting his cattle against an imaginary dragon. It must have been fierce but Watson stood victorious. We gave him a start when he noticed us staring.

Loganth and Fendira asked him a few questions. Loganth has a way with words. He is very eloquent and friendly with the boy. Loganth asks him what he saw in the crypt. He says, strangely that their were lit lanterns inside and that the second he entered he felt a cold surge creep over his body. He even got blistered from it. That is all he needed to tell us. We made our way to the mound to investigate this macabre area.

The hill is littered with burned trees that now look more like darken fingers coming out of the ground. It is as if Lolth hands are trying to leave the underdark, A chill runs through my body and i banish such a thought. Inside it is as Watson said. Lit lanterns, that seem to be enchanted with the continual flame spell,and it shows the way to a bier. There is also a foul chill in the air that assault us. Fendira even received a little bit of frostbite. Strange, if the fire cultist are involved, why would it be cold? Fendera tells us a great deal of history on the Barbarian known as the Utgar. Things like how the tribesmen of this area revere the Elk, while others the bear, the wolf and many other animals.

The long entrance is flanked on both side by monoliths that lead to the bier in the centre of an antichamber. The biers has a elk head adorning it. The bones of whomever was laid to rest here on the biers, was scattered across the floor. Such an unholy desecration.

We were not the only ones to think so, because in a flash of blue light, a strange blue shape forms to create the a spectrally figure of a powerful 7 foot man. The revenant addresses us. He tells us that he knows that it is not us who desecrated his resting place but he would have our names for entering his death domain. Fendira speaks with him and tell hims we mean no disrespect and we wish to discover who it was who did. He reveals himself as Javor of the elk tribe. Fendira tells us that her historical research tells us that he has died three hundred years ago.

We can feel his vengeful thoughts run through us almost as much as the cold. He wishes to recover his Bone helmet, his sword and his four figurines of Power. As well as rain down hellish death upon the culprits. We ask him if he knows who it is. He says no but that he senses them. Even more disconcerting at that moment, he feel them just behind us. Suddenly the entrance shaft caves in. We did not have the chance to see who trapped us.

From the ground, a large earth elemental emerges. Again, if these are fire cultist, why use an earth elemental? I am starting to doubt the breadcrumbs we had been fed. Something is amiss.

It heaves and prepares for its mighty assault. All of a sudden, Loganth says “Be gone!” in elvish and a magical string of light erupts from his hand and wraps itself around the elemental. The elemental was banished in an instant before the rest of us could even prepare spells or weapons. The speed of Loganth spell wielding is impressive.

Kilrin does not hesitate either, again he manipulates the weave to shapes stone to open a passage through the cave in. We step out and are immediately are met by a dozen Utgar. Are these the ones who sealed us into the crypt? Were they just trying to close the the desecrated crypt of their ancestor?

My questions were answered, the second they bowed to Javor. Their leader, a tattooed woman called Fenor rushes to Javor and pledges to help hunt the perpetrators. Javor senses that those he seeks are somewhere in the ranch. Blood lust fills their eyes and i fear that like blades of grass, they do not care who they will step upon to attain their goal.

I intervene, and tell Fenor that this is Javor vengeance and not hers. That she need not spill unnecessary blood. We share harsh words about honor and duty, but in the end, with Javor’s support, and Loganth’s fiery silver tongue, she and her barbarians stands down. Javor does tell us that their honor must be recompensed with goods. We agree and head to the ranch.

Javor leads us to two steel doors that lead the ranch’s seller. He says that those he seeks are inside. With his massive strength and undead determination, he rips the door apart like they were merely tapestries. Inside we find the Nettlebees. My heart stops. Both Loganth and Kilrin had suspected the Nettlebees of this, but i had hoped it was not true.

The Nettlebee are frightened and seem confused. Javor point directly to both Bertram and Wigun. Fendira tries to find the truth of it. Bertram begs his father to just give back the items. That they should never have taken them were of no real value. That they are nothing but a raggedy bone hat and a rusted sword is not enough to save their farm.

I have seen this situation many times. Compromising one’s morales to save one’s home with ill gained acquisitions of goods. I plead with javor, that if they just return the items it should be enough. But to his revenant heart, he feel blood is to be paid. I pull out my curved drow blade and cut Wigun’s hand, letting his blood spill to the ground. I tell there, blood has been spilt. This has stayed Javor’s vengeance. A sense of pride swells inside me. That not all evil acts deserve pain or death. The Utgar interest me, i will ask Fendira to tell me more about their culture, if she is inclined to acquiesce to my request. If only someone had stood up for me. Father, brother or any of my mother’s consorts, i would not have the deep wounds on my bones. But no one fought for me when i was in this situation back in the Halls of the DeVir family. I was beaten, traded as a slave and sent out of the Underdark.

Javor has a condition to his mercy. That the Patriarchs must be exiled from these lands forever. That they must head north to the Utgar lands. To suffers the elements the way his ancestors did. Both Bertram and Wigun do not see the mercy in in words. They continue to beg, to try and negotiate a lesser sentence. They should remained quiet.

Wigun says that if we fight for them he would give us what we want. That he can give us the way to pass the golem in the Earth Temple. That he has information that could help us in our battle with Marlos.

This pride of mine changed in an instant. Maybe Javor’s vengeance spread to me like a virus. I turn to Wigun and ask him straight how he knew of our plight or of the stone Golem. He pauses for second and admits that he has become an acolyte of the Earth Temple to try and help his farm. That he as enlisted his son to help. That he made false clues blaming the fire cult in order to bring us to ranch, to then summon the elemental to kill us in the crypt. They are nothing but hired assassins. I detest Night Dagger for hire. I pull out the short sword of vengeance with the intent of using it upon Wigun. No magic, just good old steel and flesh. My amber eyes turn to red.

Loganth and Fendira, who surprisingly has some skill in intimidation, persuades the old man to accept the banishment while still give us all this information and WE WON’T kill them. They are lucky because even Kilrin is itching for justice as much as I. Their charisma and words prevent any other blood from being shed.

Wigun tell us that he was an apprentice to Hellenrae, the monk we had encountered and were forced to spar with in the earth temple a few moons ago. He also tells us the magic pass symbol and passphrase needed to have the golem step aside. We are to make the hand gesture of the earth symbol and speak the words “I SERVE THE BLACK EARTH!” He also tells us that Marlos seems to get the worst of his unholy power from something called the Black Geode. A place that Wigun thinks is under the Fane of the Eye.

From an old chest they get the items taken from Javor. A rusted sword, a leather and bone helmet and four little statuettes made of different materials.; the likenesses of a bear made of Lapis Lazuli, A tiger made of Red Obsidian, an Elf made of agate and a Silver Raven. Javor is appeased. He turns to his people and tells them to take what they need from the ranch. The Utgar only take a small amount, not more than they need. Again, these outlanders are interesting to me. Then the Nettlebees patriarch begin their journey northward. Nasaug was interested in sending them as double agents in the Earth cult but i am afraid of Javor possibly being slighted by this. Watson and the Nettlebee woman stay on their lands. They have nowhere else to go and are determined to have the earth yield its best crops.

Nasaug goes out to the farmstead. The wind picks up with the sound of his humming. He begins an intricate spell. One that would tax his energy and time. A spell to help the farmland yield such crops for more than a year. We urge the Nettlebees to plant cucumbers and we promise them good profits from the Pickle business. Jane, now in charge, agrees.

Fendira as proven herself to be quite the leader but then she does something that astonished me. She splits the party. She left Nasaug, under the protection of our fire sorcerer, while She, Kilrin and I head to the crypt to replace the items.

We fix the bones back on the bier and place his mighty sword in his hands. The four statuettes are put back at their right ceremonial place. Suddenly the necklace that was around the body of Javor floats into the air. It is a golden string that holds eight bear teeth. It glides to fendira and magically the teeth fall into her hands. Her arcane knowledge knows that these are imbued with Javor’s Valor and Heroism. May it helps us in times of need. One for each of us. We repair the doorway to the crypt and return to the ranch.

I decide to give up my tooth to Watson. I carve a small slot within his wooden sword and place the tooth. I tell him when he is older to add it to a metal sword. He shows me the precise sword he wishes to use. His grandfather’s great sword. Egads it’s three times his size.

We leave the Nettlebees’ lands, admiring Nasaug amazing spell as the earth becomes black, but not evil like Marlos’ black earth but one that is rich with the weave’s energy. We leave with a sense of accomplishment.

A few moons later, II find the silver Raven Statuette in my traveling pouch. Javor must have magicaly placed it there, favouring us for our honor. It is a figurine of wondrous power. The silver raven can be transformed into a real raven and used as a messenger. We thank you great Utgar warrior and may you watch upon us from your heavenly halls

Beware Marlos, we may come after you next. I hope the deep hells prepare a small dungeon cell for you.

Session 22: The gang gets a WMD
As told by the great and honourable Drongar

Captain Kilrin tries to decide the fastest way to get to Red Larch. He consults the water and decides we will set sail for the road and ride from there. Fendira castes gust of wind to speed our travel.

As we sail, Drongar removes a statue of Tor and begins to chant. After many minutes a faithful golden stead rides down onto the boat from a golden trail from the sun.

We land on the road and set a fast pace for Red Larch.

Drongar uses his skills with animal handling to get the most out of the horses. As horses tire Drongar heals them slightly to ease their tired muscles. The first day progresses quickly.

Our second day was harsher. The horses are near their limit.

The third day we start only a couple hours away from Red Larch. As we come over a hill we finally see Red Larch. From the distance the town seems fine. We see paper lanterns flying around the city.

We enter the city from the North by the quarry. The town seems fine but it is empty. There is no one in sight. We hear a sound coming from near. We head toward the noise.

We head toward the noise and it appears to be coming from the theater. There is an open stage in front of a wide field. There is a play in progress about how heroes are attacking a monastery.

Fendira approaches the stage and castes detect magic. There appears to be an aura of something coming from beneath the stage. She says it comes from the evocation school.

The chest under the stage slowly raises onto the stage. It appears to have symbols of the air chest.


Smitty castes dispel magic on the chest. The chest had a supernatural essence to it. As the spell takes effect the chest begins to turn back to normal.

Fendira says the magic she is detecting now is much, much stronger.

The actor playing Marlos removes his mask and opens the chest. He removes an orb and it begins to shake. He yells, “SHIT!” and drops the orb and runs away.

Smitty’s hatred for Red Larch seems to hit it’s peak. Laughing manically,he yells at the crowd, “If I’m not Captain no one will be!”

Drongar breathes fire into the air and yells at the crowd to flee and how this is not part of a play and their in danger here.

Kilrin castes dispel magic onto the orb. The orb continues to gather energy and shake.

Smitty and Fendira make their way towards the stage.

Bashar smashes his way through the backdrop of the stage.

Smitty Mage Hand’s the orb over to Fendira.

Fendira empties the sack and we place the orb inside it.

Meanwhile, Bashar catches up to the cultists and smashes the actor to pulp.

Drongar grabs the sack and runs on the stage and slams it into the chest.

Bashar continues to smash.

Smitty empties sack. Drongar closes the chest, it appears to stop the shaking of the orb.

Drongar’s horse, Maximus, gallops over and Drongar climbs up on top with the chest. He begins to run out of town.

Bashar continues to smash.

Smitty settles the crowd.

Bashar drags one of the actors back to the stage. Kilrin heals him and the group interrogates him.

Meanwhile, Drongar rides the chest out of town and sends his horse back to lead the group back to him.


Smitty bluffs and tries to get information from him. We think it’s safe in the chest. But rolls are so bad.

We find out that the opposing elemental inscriptions keep the magic in check.

Bashar passes him an axe to defend himself as he readies a killing blow. The bad guy castes slow on him as the blow is about to land and makes an expeditious retreat.

Bashar attempts to throw a javelin at him but misses miserably.

Kilrin castes Guided Bolt and hits him in the back. It kills him instantly.


Fenderi heads into town to find out more about the chest and orb. Smitty heads to the Quarry to talk to his adoring fans. Bashar and Kilrin head to meet Drongar and the chest.

As Smitty approaches the Quarry he sees a huge number of fans. He tries to find out what happened to his actors but no one seems to know. He organizes a search party to attempt to find them.

The crowd parts as someone goes through the crowd. A cart slowly works his way through and Krauson is atop with barrels of pickles.

Smitty looks for his actors all over and eventually checks under the stage. He seems them lying unmoving. With apprehension he attempts to jossle them awake. The awake in a fright but they appear to be ok.

Fendira visits her book person to find more information. Unfortunately, he doesn’t appear to know more. Fendira heads to the pub to meet Brendanthar the old Dwarf. Fendira hands him the books she found.

He is very grateful.


The gang reunites at the chest.

Fendira opens the chest and quickly castes Identify. She learns that the orb will explode in 12 seconds if left outside the chest. The orbs are made of strong elemental power. They explode many days after opening if left alone. The container keeps the orb from exploding but if the chest is opened the orb will detonate shortly after.

We discuss and decide to head back to Red Larch and get a wagon to transport the chest.

We spend the night in Red Larch. While getting a meal at the local pub we overhear a halfling talking about how the fire cult is branding his animals and doing malicious things.

Session 21 - Water Temple Vanquished!

The party decided to finish the unexplored doors and sections left in the water temple.

We find a set of double doors on which Fendira finds a Glyph of Warding on it, we tried to disable it but decide that since Garr has already retreated and our presence is already known, that even if an alarm goes off, it won’t matter. Smitty unlocks the doors and Grugain volunteers to go in, knowing it could hurt him. A huge beam of light and crack resonates throughout the entire temple. Grugain suffers sonic damage (ha-ha). Fendi now knows that having done the water symbol would have disarmed the glyph.

We cross a bridge and end up in a big room with tons of provisions. We learn through a group of cultist trying to pack as much as they can that the water temple has been lost and that Garr has retreated to the Fane of The Eye. Smitty convinces the cultists to leave and do they so in a hurry.

We find a door in the corner of the room that is covered with water glyphs. Inside is a rich room, complete with a bear rug. Nausaug is completely appalled and devastated at its sight.

There is a Sea Hag inside with 2 ogres. She tells the ogres not to attack and tries some attempt at negotiations. She wants to to destroy Garr and even gives us the Big Boss Key to open the lower path (much like the big key we would have needed in the earth place).

Grugain manages a good deception telepathically to gain her trust, Smitty, does not. Grugain learns that she wants to get rid of Garr but is unable to do so herself. He is her boss and she does not possess the power to defeat him. She says that time is of the essence.

Nausaug still mourns the death of the bear rug and ignores the negotiations.

Fendira is unimpressed with the hag and does not trust her misdirection. The party democratically decides to fight her. Nausaug wants revenge for the rug.

The hag goes down easily but not before trying to cast Phantasmal Killer on 3 of us, without success. Smitty turns one of the ogres into a piglet and the other one grabs it and runs crying for his friend.

While searching the room, we find a chest. No one wants to go to it so Drongar throws a rock and it and succeeds the most wonderful feat of unlocking and opening the chest. then, the rock bounces off the wall and lands near the bed where it reveals a glow under the bed.

Drongar pulls out a beautiful +1 longsword made of dragonbone, with rubies in the hilt that glow when a dragon is nearby. We have done it! we have found Drongar’s missing sword!


LOOT: 190gp, 8 pp, potion of hill giant strength, Potion of fire resistance

We then go back to find the last unexplored section which reveals a door sealed with another glyph. We find that tracing the earth symbol lights it up on the door. We need the hand earth symbol.

Captain Smitty decides that our efforts should be brought to go down to the fane of the eye to find Garr since “time is of the essence”. He suspects that Garr is up to something (maybe a ritual) and that we need to get to him asap. The decision is not unanimous.

So we head to the steps where we encounter the Mezzoloth again. he says telepathically “what do you serve?” Smitty and Fendi both respond and he disappears but he doesn’t look satisfied with our answers.

Smitty wants to go down and make an entrance, he asks Fendi if she has wind wall prepared, she says no… Smitty hurts Fendi’s feelings by saying “that’s why wizards suck..”

We proceed down after using the Boss Key to go down. We go down for over 30 mins where the stairs and decor turn more into caverns that fine dwarven architecture. We hear waterfalls and see bodies of water with lots of water elementals in them. Each of the paths that look available here seem too close for comfort to the elementals.

While we debate if we go forward, Drongar goes down the stairs. He unavoidably steps in a little puddle of water which triggers the elementals to summon and start coming together to create a huge elemental. a la power rangers assemble mode. Drongars runs away as fast as he can and so do we. We all manage to avoid the rush of the elementals up the stairs… phiew! we have found our earth golem….

We now debate what to do.

Drongar’s Hit List: we will not pussy out and we will come back later for the dragon turtle, we know know as Bronzefume

It is decided that we go back to the earth door and find the earth symbol. We do different signs and find it! the door opens. We proceed using pass with trace and find a chasm with a narrow ledge and what we can see as being barracks holding 6 bullettes with harnesses and 3 earth cultist riders.

Fendi approaches with the help of her stealthy-ness and her ever growing hate for Marlos, is determined to find what is going on in this earth temple and find Marlos. Her grand intelligence allows her to hear but the slightest whisper that is going on between the cultists (nat rolled a 20 on perception!)

Marlos has spent many nights plotting his revenge. He was angry that the statue had disappeared. He has been constructing a Devastation Orb, placed in a chest, that is now on route for Red Larch. It has been on route now for a couple days.

Smitty wants to do this dungeon and ignore Red Larch… the pickles, the sherrif, Krausen! The rest of us want to go back to Red Larch.

We head out and grab our boat on our journey to the town.

Before leaving, Smitty left a musical instrument burried in the hallway of this entrance to the earth temple.

- End of session

Session 20 - Getting in hot water in the Water Temple!

The party continues their adventure to rid the land of Garr and the water cultist threat…

Behind locked door
- Two Bugbears stand behind a door ready to attack
- A total of five Bugbears fight the party
- Ape (polymorphed Drongar) kills the first Bugbear
- Stink Cloud centered on Grugain causes the Bugbears to real and retch
- Bugbears are defeated

870 gp

- Party continues to explore the dungeon
- The ape rips a door off its hinges to gain passage to another part of the dungeon
- The ape is returned to its Drongar form
- The party arrives at a body of water and Fred the Druid helps us by casting water walk
- We find an alternate path to the start of our adventure in the ruins
- Another direction opens up to a massive lake
- The party meets a Dragon Turtle

Dragon Turtle fight (sorta):
- Failed negotiations with the Dragon Turtle (DT) lead to a fight
- A polymorph on the DT fails
- DT is tough, so much so that Drongar decides to fork over all HIS gold
- Thus ends the fight against the DT

No loot…but the DT does bring Drongar’s gold to a sunken vessel in the lake’s water…good to remember for later…maybe

- The party is not in top shape and they look for a place to rest, after a short rest they press on for an ideal location.
- The party finds a room filled with a group of cultists (4 regular cultists and 2 priests).
- After a distraction from Grugain the party defeats them, and the party attempts to rest.
- In hopes to stave off any intruders, Smitty takes the “DO NOT ENTER” sign from a nearby door, and places it on the door to the party’s room.

525 gp

- The party is interrupted during their rest by a group of cultists trying to enter.
- After a very convincing exchange with the cultists through the door, the party succeeds in having them leave the door, unless they wanted to feel the wrath of “Garr” himself.
- With the interruption, the weakened party and the fact that the cultists at the door said Garr is close by, Captain Drongar decides we should investigate the original Do Not Disturb room.

Garr fight…but not really

- Garr is seen summoning a Hezrou Fiend (an asshole) then disappears into the water nearby (thank the GM)
- Across a small stream separating the room two, stands five Lizardfolk
- There is only a narrow bridge (10ft wide) in order to cross from one side of the room to the other
- Fred the Druid summons two wolves to bottleneck the bridge while the rest of the party deals with the Fiend
- Smitty casts Bane on all the Lizardfolk, helping the summoned creatures chip away at them.
- The Lizard Folk for all intents and purposes are dealt with and they do not interrupt the party who aim to take care of the Hezrou
- Grugain suddenly disappears (Ben had to go walk Argo)
- Smitty uses his Water Weird canister to flank the Hezrou
- Drongar and Fred confront the monster head on
- After a while, the party successfully defeats the Hezrou

QUEST ITEM Purple Shard
25 sp
12 gp
Agate (60 gp worth)

Inside a few coffers the party finds
730 gp
900 sp
Silver ewer
Scroll of Tidal Wave
Scroll of Vitriolic Sphere
Waterproof leather satchel
QUEST ITEM 50 books in old Dwarven, the Ruldinthar (early quest of missing literature)

Thus ends Session 20

Session 19 - Water Tribes and Water Guns!
As told by the great and honourable Drongar

We start our adventure in the middle of a water tribe dungeon.

Battle #1!

  • We walk into a room and battle occurs.
  • There are corrupted creatures of magic called Insert name kyle created by the God Insert name Kyle long, long ago.
  • We kill them all
  • Drongar drinks from the nearby water. It rejuvenates him. Others drink as well.


  • We explore more across a bridge.
  • We come to a fork in the road. We venture to the left where we discover three Trolls.

Battle #2!

  • They attack.
  • Two flee and we kill the last. We spray it with acid to ensure it dies. There are legends of their toughness to kill.


  • We follow the other Trolls who fled and come to a bridge troll who speaks English.
  • He tells us of water tribe people who hired him to guard the bridge. Fred the Druid gives him a marble that always flows towards water.
  • We cross to the other side of the water.
  • We explore and find a room with large brass vats. Some appear to have elementals inside. They are Water Weirds.
  • Drongar puts on a backpack and fills it with elemental juice. It gives him a magical water gun! Smitty and Kilrin copy him.

Battle #3!

  • We explore further and battle!
  • Drongar gets turned into a Giant Ape and we crush them.

The end.


  • 22 Platinum, 420 Gold, 260 Silver coins
  • Wierd tanks (Drongar, Smitty, Kilrin)
  • Unsigned letters from Red Larch
Session 18 - Point form is best
  • Still at Pirate Cove
    • Curse seems lifted
  • Kraken shows back (we named him Phil, the inappropriately named, squid by the captain’s decree)
    • He talked about curses
    • About water lord and when we met him
    • Hollow dark waters, city Tayr-Besyl
  • Run into fisherman
    • WormFord flooded days ago
  • We head to WormFord
  • Evil cutlists of water brought chest to center of town and left it then sailed away
    • They sailed north
  • Blue orb came out then turned to dust
  • Chest locked away now (magic evocation)
  • We decide to help the town then head north after the scoundrels
  • Ghouls attack us
    • Loganth culed 5, Smitty almost blinded (paralyzed though)
  • Enter pirate base
    • Enter water cave (bombed tunnel from last time Loganth expertly covered our escape)
    • 2-3 miles long into the tunnel, we arrive to Tayr-Besyl
  • Spot a marble platform (dwarven made)
    • Cultists spot us and attack (one even jumps in the water to ride a freakin’ shark!)
  • Find a makeshift prison guard room w/bedrolls and window slit looking onto canal
  • Open room with 6 baddies in it, we kill the fools
  • Find a bridge over running water (the canal)
  • Find a locked door leads to two silos that used to store greain (each about 5 feet ring, 30ft deep)
  • Find another guard post, but with 5 baddies (1 blue eyes bastard w/beard casts stupid magic but sucks balls) and we kill them too.

The end.

Session 17: Booty and the Beast
by Kilrin

Temple of Howling Hatred

The tale begins with our adventurers exploring what remained of the Temple. In doing so, they defeated an umberhulk and vanquish a group of ghouls. After wards, the group examined the giant purple worm skeleton they had discovered earlier. Upon closer inspection they realized that the worm was in fact a passage way, but to where? They didn’t know. Not being able to see the bottom of the hollowed out worm skeleton, the group decided they were not cool enough to explore it and went back to the spire.


When they arrived at the spire, they were greeted by the Aarakocra who appeared to be enjoying their new home. After talking to them for a while, they hit the sack. The next morning, they were all waiting excitedly for Captain Smitty’s famous aarakocra & cheese omelette when they heard a loud knock on the entrance to the spire. In the moments that followed the knock, the group of adventurers’ contemplated all the possible terrors that waited in front of the spire’s entrance. After questioning their visitor they quickly realized that their greatest fears were becoming reality: He was a door to door salesman. You conquer a spire in the middle of Istishia-damn nowhere and you still can’t escape them. The traveling salesman’s name was Alomar. He spoke with flowery words and played the lute. He had happened upon the spire and wished to show us his wares. Unsure of his intentions, the group had him setup outside while they finished our breakfast.

Alomar talked, a lot, but unfortunately his merchandise didn’t live up to his grandiose descriptions. It was basically just a bunch of souvenirs and trinkets. Just as the group was about to head back insde, Alomar caught their attention with one final item. He claimed it was a treasure map. The item he had for all to see was a metal tube covered in intricate carvings of seashells, fish, turtles and waves. Smitty was unable to turn down an adventure, and, enamored by its shininess, Drongar, through a miracle of Istishia, traded a jar of foul smelling orange mud for it.

Upon examining the metal tube, Nasaug suspected there was something not quite right with it, possibly a trap? Smitty, through logic and reason, decided that the only reasonable next step was to take off all his clothes and attempted to open the tube. His nimbleness prevailed and he was able to open the tube. Inside was a scroll emerged in water. We emptied the water and scroll into a bowl, but it was blank. Kilrin, with his rugged good looks and quick thinking, suggested looking for another compartment on the metal tube that contained the scroll. On the bottom another compartment was discovered that contained a handful of salt. The adventurers’ mix the salt into the water and a treasure map slowly appeared in front of their eyes.

Smitty’s Cove

The group trekked to Smitty’s Voice and sailed up the Dessarin River toward the “X” on the treasure map. At the destination, there was nothing but a large rock face. Convinced they were cheated by the salesman, the group prepare to head back to the spire. Just as they were about to pack up the map, a willow wisp sprang from it and flied through the rock face. The will-o-wisp insisted they follow it…

Upon further examination they determined that the large rock face was in fact an illusion. They sailed the boat through the rock face and Nasag casted water walk on the party. Behind the rock face was a beach. On the left side of the beach was a large rotting ship wreck, while directly in the center of the beach was a river leading further inland with large cliffs on either side of it. The group decided to bring the ship near shore and set anchor so they could explore the area. Just as Kilrin began to expertly pilot the ship toward shore, I giant squid attempted to attack Smitty’s Voice. But Kilrin’s captaining expertise was far too superior and he easily evaded the attack. The squid disappeared back into the river. It was then that Kilrin noticed the water was astoundingly deep here.

Upon investigating the ship wreck, our adventurers were attacked by a horde of undead skeletons. Smitty, The First of His Name, Wordsmith, Lord of Flamboyance, Protector of the Realm, Mother of Dragons easily dispatches the bulk of them with a well-placed fire ball. After searching the ship they found the captains log which explained that the crew was also in search of the treasure when they were attacked by a giant squid as they approached the shore.

The group then decided to walk inland along the river. After a few hundred feet, they found a camp with a few huts and a cooking pit. In the trees surrounding the camp were, what looked like, undead monkeys.

They then decided to head further inland along the river using water walk. After a while they came across a large waterfall that concealed a cave. Upon entering, the group immediately noticed an immense tree house directly in the centre of the cave.
Inside the treehouse the group found a looking glass pointing directly at the rock face they had come through. Drongar decided to pick up the looking glass and use it to look further into the cave. With it, he discovered a large set of doors guarded by several murlocs and crabs.

The adventures attacked the group of sahuagin and giant crabs. Smitty summons Chimcham and shouts “Noses”. Chimcham ferociously mauls the enemy and the group emerges victorious. He collects their noses and wore them proudly. In an effort to reveal the mystery of this place, Smitty decides to communicate with their downed foes. Coupled with a tongues spell, he casts speak with the dead in order to extract important information from the shaman sahuagin. What is the most dangerous thing here? Smitty asks. The Skeleton King. What traps should we be aware of? He traps his treasure… After a bit of healing, the party entered the mysterious doors and found a piano playing itself. The party walked further into the keep and were confronted with what looked like a Skeleton Pirate King and several skeleton minions.

The adventurers worked together and with Drongar holy smite made short work of them. The party was rewarded with 4 treasure chests and a new and improved HQ.


Imagine a reality of total darkness. Imagine, for a second, that your conscious mind was stuck in an empty void with no sense of time or space, simply waiting and wishing for even a second of freedom. Then, with no warning, after waiting for what seems like eternity, you are thrown from the darkness into the horrors of battle. You come to your senses and see your master looking you straight in the eye. You know you can’t deny him, you know that your current terrifying and bloody freedom will be taken from you if you disobey. And freedom from darkness is part of your core, your DNA, you will do anything to preserve it, to escape that hell. Your master opens his mouth and shouts “NOSES”. You’ve heard this command before and know exactly what must be done. You furiously attack your master’s enemies, clawing at their faces, and smashing them to pulp. As you savagely beat them, you think to yourself “What’s the point. No matter how many noses I collect, I will always end up in the same darkness when I am done. Master will never be satisfied. He will never have enough noses. ” Then, as you finish tearing the limbs from one of your master’s enemies, you attempt to dodge an incoming attacker. It’s too late and you return to the darkness. When will master call again, when will you have a chance for your next bloody freedom.

Session 16: Temple of Howling Hatred part II
by Smitty the Wordsmith

War of the Stars
Based on the tale of Altair, Djinni of the Seven Stormed Lands
Adapted by Smitty the Wordsmith

[Smitty enter stage Left]

Smitty’s soliloquy
What makes an adventurer? Is it facing danger head on without hesitation? Perhaps it is the quest for fame and fortune? Or even still, it might be the defence of the weak or innocent. Perhaps the truest form of adventurer simply does not stop and consider definitions through thought, but instead through actions. I am Smitty, bard by trade, but adventurer to the very core. Gather round and I will tell you a tale of the actions my compatriots and I have done, then perhaps you fair viewers may stop and consider through thought and contemplation what an adventurer truly is.

[Smitty exit stage left]

Prestidigitation smoke with faint musical notes]
[Large parchment comes up from floor dispenser (mage handed) and wrapped around receiver cylinder at the top to create scrolling text]

A long time ago In a galaxy far,
far away….

Princes of the Apocalypse

Session XVI
Temple of Howling Hatred part II

Captain Bashar and his group of adventurers find themselves in a dire situation. Air cultists who have claimed the dwarven ruins of the ancient city of Tyar-Besil surround our heroes and prepare to attack. Aerisi Kalinoth, their leader, fled the scene as Smitty’s recently summoned Djinn, Altair, watches on as our heroes attempt to dispatch their enemies. The silver tongued bard delivers the most logical course of action for the would be foes to take, to give up, for their mistress would not be as forgiving as they would be. Windharrow, who heads the fanatics, does not see the light and so Bashar’s band is forced to defend itself.

Six cultists and one air elemental spring to attack

Grugain quick thinker that he is, temporarily banishes the air elemental, the rest of the group is able to take care of the the feather robed cultists. Their ineptitude to strike our heroes is a blessing none should forget. When the air elemental returns, Altair, Djinni of the Seven Stormed Lands, moves and sends the evil elemental back from which he came as he plunges his hand within the center of the monster, causing it to vanish. Two injured cultists survive the ordeal, but are about to wish they had not.


Before our friends are able to interrogate the lucky survivors and rest up, there is a distinct knock at the pyramid door. A wyvern riding guard demands entrance after the commotion alerts him. A few words and failure to convince him that all is well inside, and that they were fine, everything is fine and how was he?… the guard has the door bashed in by his dragon to a waiting ambush. The adventurers attack, and though the wyvern’s deadly tail hits its target more than once, our heroes manage beat down the oncoming threat. In the end, Grugain with his Eldritch blast and pushback ability manages to push the dying dragon, and trapped guard, into the moat which surrounds to pyramid. The guard splashes, gurgles, bubbles…and is no more.

Captain Bashar moves in for a chat with the two now tied up cultists. After a bit of convincing, and one cultist no longer with them, his friend informs the group of an air vent which leads to the air node, the Howling Caves, the source of the Prophets Power. These caves are below, the Fane of the Eye, a nexus of sorts and an effective neutral ground between all the evil cults. This information will prove valuable, but for another time. When asked about the unexplored section of the ruined city, the cultists simply says that no one really goes there. It is a bazaar which is infested with deadly creatures that the cultists dare not disturb. With no more use, Bashar mercilessly dispatches the remaining cultist. Our heroes in need of rest trek back to the living quarters that are now empty, and with the Djinn they rest while Smitty makes his wish.

Smitty is never one to pass the opportunity for stories. Altair, ancient as he is, must hold great tales to astonish. Smitty makes his demand without hesitation; tell us the greatest story you have ever heard. The Djinn informs of an amazing war among the stars which holds such wonder that none can turn their gaze away (Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI). As the hour of rest passes, so too does the Djinn’s tale end. After the task is complete, Altair is to return to his plane for 101 years until he is summoned again by the horn. Smitty passes the horn from which the Djinn emerged to Drongar, who smashes it to bits. The Djinn is now free, and as thanks rewards our heroes with bottled breath. Nasaug and Drongar with the noblest of gestures also bring our friends back from the brink as best they can. If a rightful cleric were present, it would be easy, but the sacrifices made by the Druid and Paladin do not go unnoticed.

Unsure of where to go next, Captain Bashar leads the group to a previous room which held giant pinwheels, which Bashar believes controls the water level within the Palace district of Tyar-Besil. The two cultists from earlier are still there. Grugain, still in cultists disguise, steps forward drops his robe and explains simply in a matter of fact tone that the slaves who turn the wheels within this room, are now free. The presence of the Drow, shocking and bold simply stun the cultists, and our band of explorers surprise them with the first move. After a quick exchange of blows, one of the cultists falls dead, but not without first damaging Grugain to an impressive degree. Grugain attempts to take back the vitality which was taken from him but to no avail. Bashar with a powerful throw and deadly precision, pins the last cultist to the wall with his javelin.

Iron Golem

After reviewing the wheels and speaking with the freed slaves, our heroes discover the wheels indeed control the water levels within the district. When lowering the water within the moat where the wyvern and guard fell in, they discover a large wandering dwarven Iron Golem patrolling the bottom of the moat. Smitty steps up and attempts to reason with the automaton and extracts the essentials. The golem is to protect the moat and its treasures from anyone who does not hold the coveted words to his command. Through gestures alone, as it does not speak, the golem makes it clear that the adventurers are not welcome until they speak the magic words. Since the golem belonged to those who originally resided in the pyramid, the Royal family of Besilmer, our group makes a final sweep in an effort to find a clue as to the secret words, but to no avail. Time for a bit of shopping at the local bazaar.

The group travels south of the pyramid and crosses a bridge which sees an enormous statue of Moradin, creator of the Dwarves. The statue shines brightly as a permanent fixture of the great accomplishments of the Dwarven race. It proves so bright that Grugain has trouble seeing, as his eyes are meant for the darker places of the world. Continuing on, Bashar’s band comes upon two air cultist Priests and two Kenku. Seeing an opportunity to end the good doers quest, a priest moves to one side and delivers a lightning bolt, dealing enormous damage to our heroes and destroying one of the Kenku which stood in his way. The heroes move in, singed but ready for action and create short work of their enemies. Before the end, a Priest manages to turn invisible and our heroes unable to locate him, return to the task of exploring the rooms. Smitty does not move, fearing the wrath of a foe that goes unseen, he attempts to locate him through his other senses but to no avail. Nasaug in bear form attempts to track him by scent, but comes up with nothing as he slashes frantically at the air. Bashar, Captain of our band, hones his senses and listens…THERE behind them! Bashar rushes without sight, but dares the Priest to show his face and at that moment another lightning bolt hits our brave leader. Bashar is no stranger to pain presses on and delivers a powerful blow. Weakened and visible, the priest is cut down by Nasaug’s savage advance.


Believing to be clear of present danger, the party continues to investigate the abandoned shops of the Bazaar. At first the search for loot proves to be fruitless. Moth ridden cloaks, rancid rats pollute the floors and it all seems chilling, but rather boring. Grugain moves into an old jeweller’s shop. Some of the tools appear to be usable, and upon investigating what appears to be a cloak in passable condition it STRIKES! The camouflaged cloaker wraps its deadly grasp around Grugains head, ambushing him. After our band of adventurers attempt to react to the situation, the cloaker releases a frightful moan. It’s intention to frighten is as good a guess as any, but with Smitty’s heroic words, no fear dares seep into the minds of his compatriots, and so the effect hoped by the cloaker is lost, and none shall wait 24 hours to find out for sure what it is. Drongar steps forward and helps Grugain break free, but not before Bashar makes a more trouble knot to untangle. Despite the setback, Grugain is freed and due to his chill armor manages to bite back at the cloaker, dealing a frost damage to anything which attempts to touch him. Nasaug, not seeing any room to help his friends, moves to another shop. There too stands a cloak lying in wake…and it attacks! Nasaug turns into his bear form in order to break free. The cloakers are outnumbered but deadly none the less. They create illusions of themselves, confusing its attackers as to which is the true cloaker. Grugain kills two imaginary cloakers, Drongar and Nasaug retreat to avoid the deadly grasp of the cloakers. Bashar, in a brash attempt to disadvantage one of the monsters grapples it and drags it into Moradin’s light. It screeches in pain, breaks free from Bashar’s grasp and retreats into its hiding place. The second cloaker does the same. With mage hands at the ready, Smitty closes the doors and our adventurers choose to avoid needless confrontations; our heroes are battered, and in need of a full rest. Before rest can be granted however, Bashar wishes to unveil the remainder of the Palace District, there is a chance these explorations may still hold treasure.

The party moves on from the shops to the east and discovers an umber hulk. It has not noticed our heroes and so our heroes choose not to notice IT and move back, their curiosity satisfied. In the western part of the Bazaar, an abandoned Drinking Hall, dry as a bone, waits for patrons that are never returning. A bit further, a strange shrine to a dead Great Wyrm whose remains come jutting out of the ground in a tragic and eerie presentation. This place holds stories, far too many to tell in one sitting. Join us as our heroes delve deeper into the mystery and adventure of the Princes of Elemental Evil…

Session 15: Temple of Howling Hatred
by Nasaug
Cat stealing money

Out of nowhere, a ghostly presence passes through the party and steal all our money. Just as we realize what’s going on a pile of gold drops in front of each adventurer. We each receive: 1552 gp, 100 sp, 2 cp

After defeating the fire cultists we travel back down the coast to our boat, Smitty’s Voice. We decide after all the recent adventure we need to resupply. Kilrin suggests we sail to Waterdeep. A couple days later we arrive to this scene:

Waterdeep at night

== Waterdeep: Jewel of the North ==

Shopping Montage
  • Nasaug, Kilrin, Fendira, Smitty and Grugain all buys some scrolls and potions
  • Kilrin and Smitty buy a ballista for the ship
  • Drongar buys some plate armor and helps out at a forge

After seeing this large city, with all its unique little shops and boutique stores, we realize this is the perfect market to break into with Krausen Pickles®. Knowing we won’t have the time to manage the day-to-day details we decide to interview salesman. We find a rather refined gentleman, Jeeves, who sees our briney vision! He agrees to work for us for 3 months signing bars and stores up for vendor agreements. Since we won’t be in Waterdeep he will also establish trade routes from Red Larch to have pickles delivered regularly.

Great library

Fendira decides to meet up with her peeps. She arranges for them to deliver her book back to the merchant in Red Larch. Her peeps arrange for her to have access to the Great Library.

Smitty tries to find an expert to review his map. He asks around and finds out a super old man at the library might be able to help him. Smitty finds him in the back studying a huge pile of books. The old man recognizes the map as the ancient city of Tyar Besil. The old man pours an odd liquid metal on the map and reveals hidden Dwarvian writing along the outside of the map.

Meanwhile, Fendira has been tirelessly studying anything she can find on the ancient elemental planes or the elemental cults. She finds out each element has their own plane ruled by a Prince or Princess:

  • Fire: Imix, Prince of evil elemental Fire, Fire Lord Imix, Lord of Hellfire and the Eternal Flame.
  • Water: Olhydra, Princess of Evil Water, the Crushing Wave and the Well of Endless Anguish
  • Earth: Ogremoch, Prince of Evil Earth, Tyrant of the Black Earth and Mountain of Doom
  • Air: Yan-C-Bin, Prince of Evil Air, Shadow of the Four Winds, and The Howling Hatred
Fendira Studying

However, Fendira can’t find much information on the cults. Just that changes in the weather are common when summoning elemental beings.

Kilrin decides to head to the docks and ask around about Shatterkeel Gar. He finds lots of stories, but they all sound like Tall tales. They all seem to have a common theme of the sword coast being a dangerous place until Shatterkeel Gar just disappears.

== Red Larch ==

After two weeks in Waterdeep, we head back to Red Larch. We dock the boat at Bargewright Inn and travel the remainder of the journey to Red Larch on foot. When we arrive in Red Larch we discover, our good friend, the wagon wright won the mayoral election. With new contracts on the way, Drongar hires a manager to help Krausen manage Krausen’s Pickles® in Red Larch. With all our preparation finished, we can’t put it off the elemental cults any longer. We set out for Logath’s tower and the chasm the elemental air cult escaped too.

== At Logath’s tower ==

After receiving earlier reports from the scouts we are please to discover the tower hasn’t been taken over by the air element cults, but Arakokra . We agree to share possession of the tower. The Arakokra agree to live in the bottom of the tower and Logath’s guard will stick to the top floors. To help give the Arakokra more space Logath’s guard is helping them dig out the bottom floors. After we explain our plan to track the air elemental cultists, the Arakokra agree to fly us down into the Chasm.

== At Chasm ==
Arriving at the Chasm we find an ancient abandoned dwarf city. Studying the architecture and Smitty’s map we realize this is one of the secret entrances into Tyar Besil. Drongar finds the door and tries to push it open. Fails. Kilrin cracks his knuckles, walks up to the door, and pushes on it. The door doesn’t budge. Nasaug suddenly transforms into a Polar Bear and rushes the door. Fails. Finally, Fendira, using a single finger, pushes on the other side of the door and it swings wide open.

After opening the door, we hear wailing and moaning sounds coming from deep within the passage. Sneaking forward we find 3 air cultists tied to obelisks in a passage. They appear emaciated. We walk up to them and they tell us mad ravings about eating air for nourishment.


We open a nearby door and discover a group of bird-like things, a group of Kenku. Smitty, thinking quickly, casts fireball on the bird-people. They erupt in flame and their charred bones drop to the floor. Truly impressive. Maybe Smitty should be the lord of fire…..


From a door close by, we hear music player – terrible music – but we head over to investigate anyway. We open the door and find a small group of musicians performing music for a woman, named Windharrow. Windharrow informs us she’s trying to train musicians to perform for their leader. Smitty sells our group as traveling performers. Windharrow tells us we can practice in the barrack rooms, and gives us some cultists robes – giving us the perfect opportunity to explore the dungeon.

We explore the dungeon, going room by room. It is pretty uneventful. Most barrack’s are very basic – containing a table, bed, and storage locker. After searching a half dozen rooms we find a hall with a beautiful marble floor. At the end of hall a Altair, Djinni of the Seven Stormed Lands is clearing rock away. He waves his hand and the marble floor extends forward into the cleared space.

Altair, Djinni of the Seven Stormed Lands

The party seems to be taken aback. I walk up to the Altairas a polar bear and start helping dig and clear rocks. The Djinn looks over and asks why I am digging. He immediately recognizes me as a Druid. I transform back into my human form and ask him why such a majestic creature would be working to clear rocks. He explains that the air leader possess his horn. He is enslaved to whoever blows the horn. Once every 101 years – he must perform one task until it is complete before he can return to his home Plane of Air. He introduces himself as Altair, and after a short discussion, we see that he has no love for the Prophet of Air. He gives us lots of information on the temple, and also asks us to defeat the Prophet so that he may be freed from his never ending task of return the temple to its former glory.

Not delaying further, we head to the center of the dungeon and discover a giant pyramid. The guards let us pass after discovering we are musicians wanting to perform for their leader. We get to thedoors and find them locked. Smitty takes out his lock pick tools and opens the doors. Inside we find several priests levitating a few feet off the floor, deep in meditation, and 2 staircases going to an upper level. We walk by the priests and go up the stairs to a large chamber. Inside the chamber is a throne room, with a miniature replica of the city made of granite in the floor. Here we find the air leader and several of her guards and priests.


She asks us why we are there. Smitty explains that we wish to perform for her. We take out our instruments and begin to play. It sounds ear piercing. Everyone plugs their ears and yells for us to stop. We really, really should have practiced. The air leader appears to be fuming and orders her guards to kill us.

Thinking quickly, Fendira casts web on the back half of the room. The guards around us rush forward and a battle ensues. Seeing the Djinn’s horn at the back of the room I cast summon creatures. Two giant spiders appear close to the horn. I order them to retrieve the horn and bring it back to me. While we are fighting the priests the spiders manage to get the horn to Smitty. Smitty blows the horn hoping the Djinn will appear and help us.


Realizing how strong our party is, the air leader turns into a gas cloud and escapes through a crack in the wall. We make quick work of the remaining priests and guards. Just as we finish the last enemy the Djinn appears and asks what we desire….


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