Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 41 more fire

Loot: 2050 gp, two options of greater healing, potion of gasish form, unidentified potion, potion of speed, scroll of immolation, elixir of health
players: Nat, Matt, jase, Ben, justin

-enter fire node
-fight a razorblast
-fight fire Giant and cultist
-find chest with gold
-find woman who is being sacrificed to a roper
-woman is Tersial from the mirabar delegation
-enter secret passage
-cross long bridge hovering over a lake of lava
-find the fire shrine room with a dias
-Bastion, an efreet and several goons are waiting for us
-Smitty tells efreet that Bastion betrayed Jennifer.
-Efreet enslaves bastion and leaves
-Find Jennifer’s chamber and a chest
-Enter giant room filled with lava. There is an alter and a colossus weeping fire with a red dragon on top of it.

Session #40 - The Gong Show

Justin, Matt, Nick, Ben, Nat

- Fendira identifies the shield found previously, +1 shield (given to Kilrin)
- Fendira casts a Tiny Hut for the party to rest after their battle with the fire prophet Vanifer, we are resting in the altar room
- We know that the autction for the magical items is tonight, a unanimous decision is made not to go
- We investigate the altar and find out that the Temple of Elder Elemental Eye is from before the time of the Besilmer. There are warm spots around the zigauraut which is a place of reverance.
Drongar decides to touch one of the pieces of the broken altar and he is almost consumed by evil
- Nausaug used 100gp of Diamon Dust to cast Greater Restoration on Bashooze. This was after discussion if we should or not,… it was kinda fun having an ooze pet.
- The ooze forms back into a Bashaar shape… he looks like Neo when he awakens from the Matrix, naked, googy except with a headband of intellect on his head. Bashaar’s nose will forever leak of ooze like goo

- We move on to next room with Grugain disguised as a fire cultist.
Grugain is not hurt by the cloud and Nausaug decides to change into an earth element and burrow throw the wall of stone to make a path around the cloud.. Fendira follows the tunnel left behind by NS to pass safely… except they dont… NS falls into a pool of fiery water and Fendira gets burned by it but manages to fly away on her broom before falling. NS ends up at the bottom of the pool and decides to “dig up stupid”.

- We see a symbol of the elemental eye that contains all of the cult symbols put together.
We find a sarcophagus that has demons carved all around it but it is empty other than the dust and bones left behind.

- We move on to the next room where we see an ogre pinned to the wall dead, 3 fire minotaurs and a weird symbol on the ground
FIGHT!! these bitches are immune to fire…
- This room is where the Drow used to summon demons but the symbol is super worn out and unusable – Grugain destroys it some more (i think he has mommy issues).


- we move on.. we FIND THE ENTRANCE TO THE FIRE NODE!! it is the disc that goes up and down..

while the party is discussing whether to move on to see if can find the other 2 prophets and weapons or go directly down this node to destroy the fire one, _Drongar__ finds a gong . He examines it and with his crafting experience, decides it is poorly made and throws it down the fire pit…. it burns..

The party comes back with the decision to go down to the node and destroy the weapon. Now how do we make the platform lower? … we look at Drongar and the gong is gone… that was the way to make the platform lower… all members of the party except Drongar facepalms.

As we hear the gong hit the fire pit below, we see that the platform starts to lower.. crap, we aren’t on it.. Kilrin hops on the back of Fendira’s broom, Grugain misty steps down and NS and Drongar manage to jump on the moving platform.

- We have made to the bottom, we are in the Node! As we get to the bottom, we are surrounded by a fiery lake of lava… we see a path that leads from the platform to solid ground.

But since the gong was so quielty thrown down, the fire priest close by sees us, presses a button that removes the path and blows a horn….

Session 39: Mystery of the Ooze
(spoiler it's Bashar)

Players: Loganth, Fendira, Bashar, Smitty and Nasaug
Captain: Fendira
Loremaster: Smitty

Bashar = Ochre Jelly = Ooz like creature
Bashar + Ooze = Bashooze

Smitty lends his Band of Intellect to Bashooze
We kite him around the room for an hour while it attunes and he stops trying to eat us
We go West


Night Mare
2x Fire Priest
1x dead Minotaur
+1 Red Dragon (Flamestrike)

Red Dragon is polymorphed into a crab and placed in the black hole
Purple Eye is cast by Priest over the top of the altar
Lots of CC with counterspelling from Fendira, Loganth and Smitty
Bashooze is nearly killed. Nasaug unpolymorphs himself to heal Bashooze
We kill everything, and Bashooze gets the last hit on Vanifer

We find Tinderstrike (dagger) with the spark of Immix

Investigating altar = Evil psychic energy like the clouds in the hallways
We decide to confront the dragon
We let go of polymorph and talk to the dragon

He agrees to not kill us, smashes the altar as the only thing he can do to help us and warns us about his mother

Bashooz has started eating the Minotaur

TREASURE!!! found on dead Minotaur

130 sp
220 gp
2x Hematite 50gp/ea
20 pp

Session 38 - Secret of the Ooze
The Gang gets a pet Ooze

In the Fane of the Eye

  • The party enters a moist cave to the south-west covered with a low, dense fog
  • We find three prisoners chained to the wall.
  • As we approach the prisoners, all save Smitty fall into a pit.
  • In the pit we find a strange rust monster, larger than ever we saw with a black gore in its mouth.
  • Smitty polymorphs the rust monster into a sheep and starts hoisting people out by rope.
  • Bashar climbs out of the pit.
  • Upon closer inspection, Smitty determines that two of the prisoners are fire cultists while the third is a river-boat crewman.
  • Using the rope that Smitty has tied to one of the sets of manacles, Kilrin climbs out of the pit.
  • Nasaug does the same, as does Grugain.
  • Bashar is unable to revive the crewman.
  • The fire cultists are also unconscious.
  • Nasaug attempts to use his medicinal knowledge and smelling salts from his medicine pouch to awake them, still to no avail.
  • He then casts Cure Wounds on the crew man, reviving him to the point of consciousness.
  • Smitty regales the crew man for far too long about our adventures.
  • The bond being forged, Smitty asks for more information.
  • The crew man’s name is Arthemist. He was a crew member on the Sea Mist that was attacked by sharks on the Desserin river. He drowned and awoke where he is now. He has been there a couple of days, but has no further knowledge. Smitty sets him free and instructs him how to leave the cave safely.
  • Leaving to the North, the party finds a black fog-like veil.
  • Grugain detects magic of the Transmutation school.
  • The fog blocks vision and sound, and is oily to the touch. It doesn’t appear to be a creature.
  • Smitty casts Dispel! While it doesn’t eliminate the fog, it does suppress it for a time.
  • Ahead we see some stairs leading up. At the landing there is a split East and West.
  • As we pass through the fog area we experience nausea and psychic resistance. All save Grugain feel troubled.
  • More oily mist is to the West. Grugain, given his previous immunity, passes through the black fog. He is unable to see through the fog and feels a heavy, yet familiar psychic resistance. It dissipates when he gets to the other side.
  • Smitty attempts to pass through while holding his breath. He too feels the psychic resistance and nausea. When he reaches the other side he vomits.
  • Bashar runs through, and same as Smitty he throws up on the other side.
  • Kilrin joins them. He feels a deep evil pressing against the goodness of his god. He emerges on the other side, only to throw up on Smitty.
  • Nasaug turns into a fire elemental and flys through. He is sickened almost immediately, but is able to fight it off (being immune as an elemental).
  • A bronze torch glowing with magical light lies next to the body of a man wearing a crab-shell shaped shield and a saw-tooth blade. There are other bodies as well.
  • We notice almost right away the song of six beautiful women. They are naked and have wings and talons (Harpies). Their nests are about 80 feet above the floor. Grugain and Bashar start climbing the walls.
  • Bashar makes it 30 feet up while Grugain struggles to get off the ground.
  • Smitty blasts one of them with Eldritch Blast.
  • Nasaug begins climbing up the wall.
  • Bashar climbs another 30 feet, bringing him 60 off the ground.
  • Kilrin casts Silence such that Bashar is just at the edge. The Taylor Swift song he was pursuing stops and Bashar almost falls, but just managing to shake it off in time he keeps his hold.
  • In his enthusiasm, Grugain is unable to find purchase.
  • Five harpies swoop out and attack Bashar. One shoves him off the wall. Bashar falls.
  • Smitty casts Feather Fall. Which slows Bashar enough to be attacked by the other four harpies.
  • Nasaug engulfs one of the harpies in fire.
  • Bashar attacks twice on the way down, landing damage against a new harpy.
  • Kilrin projects a guided bolt at one of the harpies, destroying it.
  • Grugain shakes the harpies’ song to find himself 30 feet in the air. In the disorientation he falls, being caught by Smitty’s Feather Fall.
  • Smitty blasts the burning harpy with Eldritch Blast, turning it into a pile of charred feathers.
  • The song stopped, the remaining harpies attack Grugain lifting him a total of 70 feet in the air.
  • Kilrin and Bashar are able to kill another harpy.
  • Grugain opens an otherworldly dimensional sphere, causing damage to each of the harpies remaining around him. They are now blinded and it is difficult terrain.
  • In his fire-elemental form, Nasaug attempts to grapple another, lighting it on fire and rendering it to ash.
  • Kilrin and Bashar take out another harpy, leaving just one.
  • Grugain fires two Eldritch Blasts at the remaining harpy as he settles to the floor.
  • Smitty fires two blasts of his own, causing the harpy to fly up to its nest.
  • Nasaug climbs up to the nest and ignites it and the harpy aflame.
  • Upon investigating the nest, Nasaug finds Loot: 560 SP, 220 GP, a gold bracelet worth 50Gp, a silver ewar worth 10gp, a set of silver earrings worth 10gp each, and a blue potion.
  • The bodies on the floor include a water cultist, two lizard folk, an ogre, a male halfling in the robes of a cleric of Sune, a female halfling in battered platemail armour.
  • The room has three unexplored exits: stairs leading up to the North (which lead to more black fog), a passage to the West, and the South-East. A slight breeze is coming from the West.
  • The party takes a short rest to mend the platemail for Kilrin to use and for Smitty to regain his bardic inspiration.
  • Kilrin, our Captain, decided that we should all run North, up the steps and through the fog.
  • Grugain is able to pass through without any trouble. He seems to be in harmony with this cursed fog! On the other side he finds a large rough-hewn room smelling of blood and death. It contains the debris of several battles. There are corpses of earth and water cultists as well as those of monsters. An armoured air elemental with a flail confronts Grugain, asking who he serves.
  • Grugain makes the air temple symbol. The elemental, satisfied, turns away. Grugain attempts to bluff that the rest of the party must pass. The elemental seems to ignore him. The rest of the party is unaware of this exchange and begins to move through the fog.
  • Bashar runs through the fog, falling to his knees and throwing up on the other side.
  • Nasaug turns into an air elemental and passes through the fog. He too feels psychic pressure.
  • Kilrin passes through and throws up.
  • Smitty casts Enhanced Ability and vomits on passing through the fog.
  • The air elemental turns and points at the three who are sick, demanding to know why they do not serve the Elder Elemental Eye.
  • Grugain claims that the rest of the party are mercenaires. The air elemental is bluffed and leaves.
  • Nasaug and Grugain pass out of the room through another fog bank. The chamber on the other side features a large tentacled body hunched over a large purple crystal in the shape of an eye. The whole chamber is Drow-carved.
  • None of the party recognizes the obscure deity, though Grugain feels a strange kinship with the statue.
  • Bashar investigates the crystal. From his perspective it looks like a coloured piece of glass. Grugain detects transmutation magic on the glass.
  • The three unexplored exists of this chamber are to the North-East, North-West, and the South-West.
  • Kilrin tries to Dispell Magic on the Eye, but is only able to temporarily subdue it.
  • Bashar shatters the Eye with his maul. The shards turn into a yellow goo and fly into Bashar. He begins to feel sick and then he transforms into an Ochre Jelly.
Session #37 - The Shadow Dragon

Playas: Jason, Nick, Ben, Justin, Nat
Loots: n/a

-Decide to raise several citizens of Red Larch who were killed by the air prophet
-Kilrin agrees to lend his mighty power to raise the dead in Redlarch, there are whispers of raising a statue in his name
-Teleport to Waterdeep to get to get diamond dust and buy scrolls
-Megalstark Gemsplitter, a gemtrader in Waterdeep, agrees to give us 4000 gp worth of diamond dust for 3000g. In exchange we agreed to buy and sell gems exclusively with him and have Drongar wear the shop’s logo on the front and back of his armor at all times
-Nasaug casts Plant Growth on the cucumber farms surrounding Redlarch, the people consider adding him to the statue
-Kirlin demonstrates his god like power and raises 5 people from the dead, several citizens banded together to start a religion with Kilrin as the deity
-Owner of Singing Sword does not want to return to life and the spell fizzles
-Receive a Sending spell asking to meet a faction agent at the Singing Sword tomorrow, look for the women made of stone
-Meet the women at the Singing Sword and find out about a Shadow Dragon called the Dark Lady that lies underneath Rundreth Manor
-The townsfolk gather outside before the adventurers leave. Little girl Kilrin graciously resurrected presents to the group the key to the Singing Sword Inn which will henceforth be called the Pickle Barrel. The mayor of the town says that the inn is there’s now, and no one is more deserving of it.
-Arrive at Rundreth Manor, Kilrin falls down a trap and on a his giant dwarf ass (very “Super Mario butt slam”). The people lose faith and decide Loganth is their one true God to worship.
-Find a female drow in the basement, aka the Dark Lady
-Enter a game of asking questions in turns to find out motives etc
-Find out some history on the weapons the prophets carry. Centuries ago, a drow named Vizeran DeVir used the power of the shrine to make four elemental weapons, one each of air, water, earth, and fire. Each weapon is connected to an extraplanar Prince of Elemental Evil. These weapons can open or close a portal to the Inner Plane of that element.
-Also mentions that all the cults fear the "Elder Elemental Eye’ and that below the temples is the ‘Fane of the Eye’, which is an ancient drow shrine to the Elder Elemental Eye
-Indicates that she has an interest in eliminating the elemental evil and lets us go, on the condition that they eliminate the cultists from the land
-The “Major Image” of the drow lady vanishes, and new voice, familiar, but deep and rumbling from the shadows says that she is bored of them now, and to leave.
-Head to the water temple in order to enter the fane of the eye

Session #36 - The Siege of Red Larch

Fendiry, Grugain, Smitty (Nat, Ben, Jase)

Captain: Smitty (heck yes)
Loremaster: Smitty (by default)

Fendira teleports us to Redlarch and it’s quiet…too quiet
Fendira invisibles herself and uses her broom for reconnaissance
Air Prophet has a pit of dead people and is floating the Sheriff above it
She sits on a throne on top of a mound about 30ft high facing the pit (under the throne there is a box with a devastation orb WMD in it)
Invisible Stalker whispers to her that we’ve arrived
Grugain stalls while Smitty and Fendira get into position
Fendira surveys from a distance, Smitty is invisible and follows in Grugain’s footsteps

Invisible Stalker
Air Elemental
Cultists x4 (2 basics, and 2 appear stronger)
Djinn (summoned by a horn)

Grugain has blasts to push cultists around, one in the pit, which was cool
Fendira has bada boom spells and generally focuses the Prophet
Smitty tries a banishing smite on the stalker. It does damage but not enough to banish

We get pummeled, Air Prophet gets a horn to summon a Djinn and an air elemental comes out of the pit.

Turning point in the fight:
Smitty casts heat metal on the spear the prophet is using to mitigate damage from spells and she holds onto it with both hands, tossing the horn to the side
Fendira dimension doors to the horn and blows it
When the Djinn arrives, it is under Fendira’s control and she instructs it to destroy the Air Cult
The Prophet is using her spear’s ability many times and then runs out of charges
She has disadvantage from the heat metal, and Fendira casts phantasmal killer which succeeds (double 4 on d20s)
The fight is ultimately over, the cultists go into a catatonic state, the elementals return to their native planes, and we do clean up.
Fendira destroys the horn and frees the Djinn
The Djinn thanks us and before it leaves and tells us to beware of Yan-C-Bin, the Prince of Evil Air, and that Windvane contains a spark of his essence (the Djinn also name drops his dad’s name which was too long for Kyle to pronounce, he might copy paste it here).

LOOT – Shard, Windvane

We set up to stay a while until Kilrin can rez everyone who’s died in town due to the cultists (none of that BS where he raises anyone and everyone…)

That evening, while we were asleep, we all received a dream where we see through the eyes of the Air Prophet. She is believed to be in the (nexus? That core place we’re assuming we’re ending up) and witness the first time she laid eyes on Windvane and grasped it in her hands. It is believed that the proximity to Yan-C-Bin’s evil essence through Windvane triggered it.

Session #35 - We played with fire, we got burned
From the Journal of Grugain DeVir

After having destroyed the gears to the lava flow, we continued our investigation of the temple to Fire Cult.

We follow a horrible odor and arrived to what looks like a large moldy room. In the middle Bashar investigates and finds black shelves holding books. We can not see the subjects of the books as the they are covered in a brownish mold. I decided to throw caution into the wind and take a book from is place. Suddenly, my hand is stuck, as if something is holding onto my wrist. The mold is not just sticky but i can feel it physically pulling me. Fear grows through me when it gets more aggressive and tries to consume my arm. I decide to unleash a blast of agonising eldritch, which had the reverse effect. It tripled in size and now it seemed angry. In one swoop, i am engulfed. I immediately feel my lungs lose all its air.

Bashar tries to pull me out but is unable. It’s silly to think, but I was still holding onto the book. I should have let it go. But as i feel my heart pounding in my ears, I hear a shriek from the mold and it suddenly withers and a rust color covers it completely. I fall from its grasp, choking for air. Drongar reached over and healed me with his divine touch and explains that Nassaug called down the blight upon the plant creature. Having the spell myself, I know how powerful it can be. This is the second time Nassaug saves me from certain death. I am starting to have to find a way to repay my companions who seem always there when i am in death’s grasp.

As we continue our investigation, we discover a secret passage in the corner of the moldy room.
It is filled with dust and cobwebs. It has been sometimes since it had been used from what we can tell. I produce the soft glow of dancing light to illuminate our passage. Rusted weapons aligns the passageway.

We make a discovery. A shield, that I detect is infused with magic. Kilrin becomes mesmerised by the shield. No coat of arms is found upon it that we see, but it does have a moving sprocket, right in its center. We can not discern what makes the sprocket move clockwise; must be the magic. Drongar picks the shield up with some measure of reverence but does not attune himself to it.

We pass through another secret door and we enter the prison block. More than 12 cells line the corridor.We discover a Salamander inside one, who pleads with us to let it go. It says it will help us take vengeance upon its slave masters if we help it. We are unsure and tell it we must talk amongst each other first.

In the cells across the way we discover some of those dwarves with the flaming beards. We speak with one of them and he also wishes to be freed, to find his son which was in the forge. I bite my lip, but i successfully lie to him, informing him that he was killed by his slave master, and not our company.

When we open the cell door, the fire dwarf rushes Bashar. We all stand ready to fight until we realise he is hugging Bashar in thanks for being rescued.

In the last unlocked cell, we find a sleeping cultist guard and he is easily subdued

We head south but out path is blocked by two fire caster, who were performing some kind of ritual upon brasiers in a large cauldron. Drongar pushes the cauldron down in fear of some evil spell be cast upon us. Nassaug transforms himself into a enormous scorpion. My flesh crawl at the sight of him but he fights as skillfully as ever using the pincers and the aggravating stinger. We seem to hold them well, until one is able to hit us fireball. We are quite hurt, but Bashar finishes him off with a hit of his powerful maul. Drongar dispatches the last one with a sword thrust.

We enter into a larger room with over 30 feet vaulted ceilings. It is filled with treasure and sculptures. For a second I fear it is a Dragon’s hoard and this is its Lair, but we smell the foul odor of the chimera we defeated.

We find 570 copper pieces. Over 1040 silver and 432 gold coins. 42 platinum pieces was also found beneath the gold. Some beautiful moonstones as well. We also find a potion of waterbreathing and a pouch holding red sand. I detect that the sand has some magical qualities. It might be the dust of disappearance.

We continue south to another door and we encounter some cultists. Battle erupts and we make short work of them, but not before again being doused with more rain of flame. Our clothes are now a permanent chard black color.

We discover that the fire cultist where interrogating a member of the Air Cult in the back room. Drongar grabs this survivors and with a commanding voice, does his own interrogation. With Drongar’s sword to the cultist throat, he has no choice but to informs us, while laughing with a hint of fright, that we, the Heroes of Red Larch, are fools and that while we are here, fighting the cultists, crawling the through every room of the dungeon, as adventurers do, Aerisi Kalinoth, the priestess of the Air Cult, has mounted an attack on Red Larch. I feel a pit in my stomach. I want to just run through the temple, not caring about the daylight, towards our adoptive town. Before we can ask anymore, yet again these cultist fanatical ways, forces this cultist to take his own life on Drongar’s sharp blade.

That anger is forming inside me again. I can feel my mother’s haunting words echoes inside me. “It is not enough that your enemy’s branches and trunk have been severed my son, one must pull at the the roots, ever so slowly to see the fear before their death throes. Then you go after its seed and its water and only then will you know it has finally been defeated.” I shudder at the vile word and chase it away. I will exact revenge upon these Princes of Apocalypse, but not her way. I would rather they live, deep in a hole, with no chance of escape then what she tried to teach me when i was three years old deep in the Underdark.

We decide to try and recoup our strength before we head out into the fray. Some of us need to replenish our weave, divine and unholy energies to battle the great threat ahead. But we have no luck, our quiet meditation and resting is interrupted by an Etin. We defeat it quickly but need more resting which we fail again, as it seems the Fire cultist are well aware of our presence within the temple. We continue to fight against an Ogre and 4 fire mages. I fear more will come.

Will we ever escape this pit of unholy fire?

Session #34
House of Banishment

Keith, Nat, Justin, Joe, Ben

- We all agree that the previous group were not every organized in their “clearing of the dungeon”.. what a bad method.. pffff so we go back to the where the lava is “heading” to.

  • Grugain disguises himself as a fire cultist and he and Fendi decide to stealth to go explore. Fendi is a pro and Grugain gets saved by his disguise…
  • We see an efreet, fire cultists, salamanders and azers doing blacksmiths, making armors and equipment.
  • Fendi is awesome at her knowledge and rolls a natural 29
  • Bashaar also rolls like a boss on his perfection
  • we have a surprise round, we plan the shit out of it: Loganth and Fendi go greater invisi, Loganth Banishes the Efreet back to his home plane of Elemental Fire. Fendi casts a cone of cold and kills all the azers but 1 and all the fire cultists, She also hurts like hell the Salamanders. Bashaar bashes the salamanders and azers, Grugain and Kilrin blast the salamander
    *Another efreet comes out from invisibility .. shit! He goes straight for Fendira and casts Planaar Shift… after 2 counterspells from Fendi and Loganth and a miserable fail on her spell resist.. Fendira gets shifted to the Elemental Plane of Fire….
  • She sees a great big city that is made of Brass and on fire.. it is beautiful. It is the City of Brass… home and lair of the efreets….She knows that the spells Planaar Shift doesn’t expire and she must find her own way back to the material plane! (good thing she has a teleportation circle spell stored in her ring).
    *Meanwhile, the fight continues, Bashaar and Loganth kill all the adds and the rest of the party concentrates on the efreet.
    *The salamander manages to grapple Grugain with its tail as he tries to get closer to the efreet.. and then Loganth casts a Cantrip, Frost Bolt, on it… he gets a critical hit and (becuase he took a critical hit card from the deck) it banishes the salamander to another plane… the plane for fire…. right next to Fendi (who is luckily still invisible) but… since Grugain was grappled by it… Grugain gets banished to…
  • Fendi knows that Grugain can’t get back by himself so she must stay and help him get back.
    *Loganth knows that if another banishment spell is cast over where the planaar shift was casted that it may reserve the spell to create a portal between both planes, it could maybe be held open for a round… Kilrin tries and succeeds to keep it open. The efreet isn’t pleased as he gets banished to his home plan and tries to reach through the portal at Kilrin.
  • Fendira waits to see if Grugain makes it before jumping in. Grugain makes it an casts an eldridge blast to push back the efreet trying to get Kilrin, Bashaar wants his weapon and Grugain wants toget it for him, by chance, the efreet drops its weapon, a scimitar! woo! Unfortunately the scimitar has lost its special fire abilities… and it is just a regular weapon.. boo
    *Fendi goes through the portal and it closes.
    *we Clean up the rest of the adds and start exploring. We find a shaft and draw bridge that leads to a floating disk surrounded by lava that seems to be able to go downwards. We think maybe it is the entrance to the feign of the eye.

- We move on to 3 doors that are just after a little set of stairs.

- 2 of the doors are just storage rooms and the 3rd… holds hell hounds and we get burnt! we fight them and then take a short rest with no incident.

- the last place we find in this hallway is a small door with the gears that control the flow of the lava. we stop it and Bashaar smashes them,.


Session 33 Fire Temple
  • In fire temple
  • Find secret room with dwarven artifacts we take to keep out of fire cultist’s hands
  • Find second in command, Bastion, and strike deal saying we will give him Vanifer’s weapon Tinder Strike in exchange for information
  • Bastion tells us that Vanifer was in “The Weeping Colossus”, the Fire Node
  • Kill other second in command Lizzy


  • 39 gold
  • Stone of Luck
  • Fire Breath potion
  • Scroll of Milf’ s Meteor
  • Scroll of Wall of Sand
Session 32 Return to Fire!
Cause we go back to a fire temple

After a long fought battle against the forces of Elemental Evil, we take a bit of time for ourselves in Waterdeep.

Krausen is resurrected with the help of Kilren and Captain Drongar.

Setting our plans in motion to potentially find items of great worth for our fight against evil, we decide to make use of our time waiting. We investigate the site of our first battle with the Fire Cultists. There was a feeling that we may have missed something…

We travel to the site of the tower where we defeated the huge Fire Elemental and discover an entrance.

Grugain disguises himself as a fire cultist and talks his way passed the first set of hobgoblin guards we cross. Onward, we meet two Razorblasts who almost take the bait, but they see through the clever ruse for “no on loves Bastion!” and four pillars of lava erupt to create AoE damage to everyone within range.

We kill the Razorblasts (even with their exploding death throws) and take out the hobgoblins heading our way from the commotion.

Smitty brilliantly deduces the passphrase that shuts off the pillars of lava (Immux defend us no more) and our heroes are ready to continue pushing forward after a short rest.

Kilrin points out to Grugain that maybe he should try casting his spells after the short rest for fun. Grugain objects and says it just won’t work, he used up all his magicky magics to stay alive. Kilrin insists and low and behold…Grugain is much stronger than he ever knew. All he needs is a short rest to regain spells. Huzzah!


To be continued…


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