Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 1: Adventures in Red Larch
Troubles in Red Larch by Grugain


The adventurers, consisting of Fendira, Bashar, Loganth, Drognar, Grugain, Kilrin, Nasag, under the leadership of Smitty, were traveling to Red Larch with Krausen the Ork.

Attacked by mud mephit who were interested in Fendira’s jewels

Red Larch


· Group of people, wearing masks have been “Haunting “the Mellikho Stonework at night. The workers fear to work at night
· Flying (winged) beings sightings
· Strange weather
· Bandits and orc attacks
· A Specter has been sighted near the berry fields
· Talk of legendary treasure that adventurers go seeking but never return
· Talk of Strange and evil happenings in the Northwest. Even rumors of FELL (demon Magic)


Bears and Bandits

· Hired by the Constable Harburk Tuthmarillar for 20 GP, to discover or stop the Bandits hide out.
o Defeated the Bandits and released the bear they had captive.
o Prisoner (and lone survivor) said that the strangeness of the surrounding area was one of the reason for their banditry

The Haunted Tomb

· Discovered an old tomb where a Spectral guard was stationed to protect the ancient lord.
o The Spectral guard was dispatched and some artifacts and relics (loot) were found

The Last Laugh

The group found a human skull, with a mysterious black arrow through it. Upon closer inspection, Nasaug was hit with a curse “Beacon for the Undead”, and now all undead will be drawn to him for a tenday!

Legendary Treasure

· Arriving to a beautiful pond, and water fall, we discovered a passageway into a dungeon, were many a skeletal remains were discovered.
· The reason adventures never return is that the dungeon was infested with Stirges. The adventures had their blood drained before being able to secure the treasure.
o A smaller group, consisting or Smitty, Fendira, Grugain, Drognar, and Bashar were able to dispatch the stirges but found no treasure….

Session 2: The Necromancers Cave
Journey to Lance Rock by Nasaug
  • Starts with adventurers returning to Red larch
  • We visit a shop to investigate the skull found in the dungeon
    • Shop-keep notices the skull is signed by arcane trickster over 100 years ago
    • Shop-keep informs us that curses may be able to be removed at the Shire by Father Silver
    • Shop-keep will investigate any information about a male Medusa
    • Unfortunately, the skull was dropped and broken in half
  • At Shrine, talking with Father Silver
    • Immediately, Father hates Bashar because of curse
    • We explain the curse was placed on Bashar without his consent. Father embraces Bashar.
      • Bashar: “I may be strong like rock on outside but I’m soft and fluffy on inside” starts weeping
    • Father explains curse will dissipate after 6 days. Only a high level cleric would be able to remove the curse immediately.
  • At small girl’s house that says she saw a ghost.
    • Talking to Minnie and inform her we got rid of the ghost
    • Small girl very upset we killed her ghost friend, but Minnie is grateful
    • We get a large jar of chicken preserved in oil as thanks
  • Find Sheriff in town and he informs us about drunk dwarf ranger that was ranting about a plague. Offers reward for us to investigate.
    • Informs us the Quarry owner uses children to act as alarm system for trespassers. They bang on pots when people come by. Many villagers use the children to run messages and small tasks

Towards Lance Rock…

  • On our travels we encounter 3 hostile air spirits
    • Nasaug immediately takes action, almost heroically, and rushes the enemies transforming into a ferocious dire wolf.
    • Other party members fumble around clumsily
    • Fendira Gemcutter gets knocked unconscious.
    • Drongar Dofras was able to revive Fendira after the battle
    • Party finds 3 magical cloaks on the enemies. Smitty the Wordsmith destroys one and adds it into his clothing. Fendira is unable to adequately identify these bizarre items.
    • The spirits are adorned with the following symbol
    • Drongar makes Fendira bury the bodies of the air spirits with her Move earth abilities
  • Fendira Gemcutter discovers that this area is in the territory of Old Gnaw Bones, an ancient green dragon, that lays dormant in the Kryptgarden forest.
  • At Lance Rock, we discover a sign posted by the “Lord of Lance Rock” warning travelers to turn and leave because of the plague. We ignore the sign and continue on.
  • Enter The Necromancers Cave,
    • Drongar Dofras warns party of an evil presence inside the dungeon
    • We get ready for an attack and slowly move forward
    • We find an old body lying on the ground. Loganth, Lord of Fire, for some unknown reason, lights it on fire. To my immediate surprise, the body comes to life!
    • I, Nasaug, jump into action! Form of a Brown Bear!!
    • After quickly dealing with the zombie, we move deeper into the cave.
    • A sudden rock slide appear! Two Zombies drop rocks on Smitty the Wordsmith and join the battle
    • Without stopping, I bite and claw at the zombies. The rest of the party seems nervous for some reason. I do not understand why – these zombies do not seem very hard. No matter ….
    • We continue deeper into the cave, dealing with more zombies and skeletons along the way when we enter a large open circular section.
    • A majestic bear creature is moving in an alluring dance. I am taken aback but snap out of it once I realize these zombies are dressed in the skin of animals! We kill them all.
    • We discover a small room with 2 treasure chests. Once we enter we hear the ravings of a crazy person through a small peep hole who triggers a rockslide trap! Fendira Gemcutter investigates the chest but finds nothing.
    • I, Nasaug, rushes off to find the enemy! I am clearly the force holding this party together. It is a good thing I am here – I do not know what these people would do without me.
    • The rest of the party follows.
    • We enter a very large room to find an army of skeletons and a necromancer tinkering at a table. He summons walking hands from the ground. All the enemies rush forward and the necromancer runs away. Probably terrified of my raw power.
    • I majestically rush forward – crushing enemies with my bite and ripping them apart with my claws. Loganth, Lord of Fire botches a spell on one of the hands and causes it to grow in size! This new monstrous hand wraps itself around the face of Drongar Dofras, nearly strangeling him.
    • We quickly deal with the enemies and chase the necromancer deeper into the cave.
    • We enter a small room with a dark purple glowing shard crystal in the center on a pillar. Fendira Gemcutter seems entranced by this.
    • The pillar has a glowing spinning symbol on it that looks like a counter-clockwise spiral of dark purple energy.
    • The sorcerer suddenly screams: “Can’t you see the eye!!!! He watches us all!!”
    • Drongar Dofras and myself rush forward and knock the necromancer unconscious. We find a wand of of magic missile. Fendira Gemcutter and Loganth, Lord of Fire seem excited.
    • Smitty the Wordsmith randomly shouts “Adventure of the mad eye”. I think he may be crazy.
  • With our captured foe in toe, we head back to red larch. Once we enter Red Larch, a torrential downpour comes out of nowhere and causes a mudslide! The ground below the center of town gives away! Town-folk are freaking out – screaming and crying. I approach a small crowd of people when the ground opens up and swallows us up.
Session 3: Tomb of the Moving Stones
Itsy Bitsy sink hole of DOOM

Rainbow Unicorn Diary of Grugain DeVir the Flamboyant:

What a strange Day. It all started when Nasaug, four children, their father and an old woman fell into a large sink hole in the middle of Red larch after a sudden torrential downpour.

We all rushed to aid; I leaped into the sink hole as Bashar tried to secure a rope to try and pull those who had fallen out of the hole. But sadly, due to clumsiness, he also falls into the hole. It must be the curse that still ails him.

This is more than a sink hole. My Drow eyes discovered that it is a large room, with fine crushed bedrock as flooring and tree roots for walls. There is a passage heading north and an iron door towards the south. There are even old tattered cloaks and a half emptied water skin hanging by the door.

Nasaug reassured the children and then brings three of them up out of the hole as he assumed the shape of a giant spider. With Bashar’s rope, and Smitty’s and Drongar help, we bring the rest of the town’s folk up.

Strangely the town elders are screaming for us to get out there, like we are trespassing upon something that should not. My elven ears hear something of the sort “The Delvers must not be forgotten; the stones must not be moved”. Silly Town elder, you do not say such things like that to adventurers.

Smitty, Nasaug and Drongar, join us in the sink hole. Bashar is already mumbling under his breath “Where is the gold?”
We travel through the door down a corridor where two large Statues of ancient dwarves sit in the middle of the corridor. The statues both hide hidden passageways. To the right we find a lavatory. We found a case by the lavatory where an ancient stone covered book lay, with pages that have been weathered away by time. I can see in Smitty’s face the thoughts of create an interesting rhyme with lavatory. I hope he does not add this to his tall tales of our adventures. Cause, who wishes to hear of such things?

We then pass the next statue and go left. I am at the front, using my darkvision to ensure no one surprises us. Drongar following close behind me with a torch, covering my back. I like this Dragonborn paladin. He has honour and strength, but I am sure, like the other, he sees me as nothing but a filthy underdarken. The truth hurts.

We then hear something strange, gnawing like noises. Bashar charges in screaming “For Profit!” It was quite awe inspiring in tone, less in content, but it would have made more of an impact if it was not yelled to a bunch of dog sized rats. The rats were gnawing on the bodies of 2 humans and what might be a child, or a Halfling. My blood boils at the idea that a child might have died in such a place. Bashar quickly takes care of the three offending rodents. But soon more come out of the walls and fissures the way worms do out of a dead body. Nasaug transforms himself into a majestic brown bear and also enters the fray. Soon after, we each engage in a quick battle and dispatch them as fast as they entered.

Investigating the departed, we discover that it was not a child but a Halfling. This Halfling also seems to be the same one that Killrin healed on our first evening in Red Larch. It is evident that he was murdered and left here to become rat food. A strange mark was left bloody upon his forehead in the shape of a triangle with a bar inside.
Hmmm, I find it to resemble a little bit the symbol of the flying birdman that attacked us. They are similar but not the same. Heraldry symbols maybe?

We continue along another path and as reach the end of it we enter a strange room, where a floating stone is in the center of the room. A floating stone as if held by invisible string. We are all fascinated and disturbed by this sight. Bashar, whom at the time I deemed more impatient, and know now that it is a matter of courage, pushed on the stone and as it left its center, it fell to the ground. This field of energy is located strictly in the center of the room. Nasaug wanted to test out if the field only affected the stone, so in bear form, decided to nudge Bashar in the field’s path. Nothing happened, but Bashar was not amused. Quickly he turned and gave a strong punch directly to Nasaug’s bear visage. I readied myself to try and separate them, but they seemed to settle it with nonverbal communication.

Then Smitty remembered what the town elder said. “The Delvers must not be forgotten; the stones must not be moved”. We all halted for a minute and put our faces in our hands. If something truly terrible happens, it will be our fault.

Along another path in this dungeon we arrive to a peculiar room with two doors; one at the south and one at the north. But in the middle stands a life size statue of a dwarf. It is old and held up by a wooden frame. The statue is surrounded by red gravel. Smitty recognizes something and tell us that this dwarf must be from the IronStar clan.

Bashar quickly enters the gravel circle to inspect the statues and items around. He is quite happy, as he finally finds gold in this underground, as well as agates and polished stones. He also finds a curved dagger with the name “Rezur” upon it. The dagger is beautiful and seems to call to me. I would not mind asking him for it, but I lose my nerve and don’t. With other inscriptions around the statues, this room feels like the hall of some Faerun museum. Very Interesting.

We try the southern door, but it seems well locked, which is strange as it is the first one we find in this dungeon like underground. So we try the northern one after.

To our surprise, we discover a standing stone, where a child is tied up, and 6 strange looking men in Clay armor are surrounding him. Even more strange, I think I see Krausen amongst them. Is this some form of foul sacrificial chamber? Will they do to this child what they did to the Halfling. But lucky for us, it seems like we surprised them more than they surprised us.

One of them calls out “The bringers of Woe will reward you for your curiosity”. They then pull out an assortments of weapons and challenge us. Such Fools.
Drongar leaps into action like lighting and begins to fight them. Sadly they stopped him in the doorway between rooms and none of us were able to enter the fight. But in a way, it is good as they could not go through our Dragonborn of steel armor and attack us either. This gave me a bit of time for me to prepare some spells.

These Bringers of Woe are tough. We gave them our all and still they withstood our attacks. Krausen, attacked Bashar, who returned the attack in kind, knock him cold with one blow. His fighting style can rival some of the best Drow Dark stings. Bashar is one of the best warriors I have ever seen. Even I was able to send one of them into a stupor with one of the spell granted to me by The Old One. But then the tide turned on us and stained us with bad luck. Nasaug was deafened by an attack and Bashar swung widely and almost it himself. Then Smitty tried to put them asleep with a magical sounding lullaby, but also succeeded in putting Drongar and Bashar to sleep, along with one bandit. Nasaug, Smitty and I were able to finish the fight.

We saved the child, who later informed us that he was there to be punished by his father. Punished for not delivering a message to the one of the town elders Baragusta on time. I am feeling the rage growing inside me and I can perceive it swelling also in my comrades. We also discover that it was not Krausen but his brother Grund, the pickle maker. He seems to be a jobs worth, with more of a child mentality then an adult. He was used by theses believers to move bodies. He is not an enemy and I am happy to see that the rest of the group can forgive his bad choices. The boy says things about how these Believers worship the delvers and await their guidance via the floating stones. These floating stones seem to be objects for scrying or of arcane divination.

Bashar awakens one of the Bringers of Woe who were put to sleep by the lullaby. He nothing, and spits in Bashar’s face. At this point, we take a short rest (1hr), to regain some strength.

Smitty, saying something about a roguish past, tries to pick the lock of the southern door. After much effort he succeeds and what do we find, Baragusta, sitting there like a fool. I feel my hand tense with dark energy. I want to shoot eldritch at him. I feel like he was patiently waiting for these Bringers of Woe to finish PUNISHING the child but had no stomach to watch. He is a deep coward, worse than a Duregar.

Drongar passes by me and I feel calmer. My vile thoughts dissipate. The rest of the group go forward and interrogate him. He tells us, whimpering and whining, that these Believers are comprised of all the town elders. They found this place long ago and worship these Delvers somehow. He is a whimpering fool but one cannot dismiss the fear that we possibility shook the hornets’ nest.

We continue down the path and arrive to a large square room with about 30 foot ceilings illuminated by a lantern. Baragusta’s fear is heightened. In the room are 6 tombs with humans in mining garb. I find it strange for a Dwarven made dungeon to have revered tombs for humans. But that was not the strangest part of the room. What was where the massive rocks and pillars scattered all over the center of the room, floating in place, again as if by invisible strings Baragusta, in terror ran away. We did not care to give chase, as we were enthralled by this mysterious place.


Drongar and I go and investigate the tombs. I was hoping to find some ancient Arcane symbols to explain this ominous place. The others started to move the stones. Smitty viewed the floating piece like an old woman’s play puzzle. He started to think of way to move the rocks to form a pattern. Bashar had a good idea, that some of the pieces might form the strange symbol which was carved into the halfling’s face. Nasaug, back into elvish form, started to help. But their efforts were for not.

As I was examining a tomb, my clumsiness got the better of me and I made one of the deceased miners’ helmet fell to ground. The helmet fell with a loud clang and then magically all the floating rocks fell to the ground and could no longer be moved. Curse me. This group would be better served by a Troll then a Drow out of his element such as me.
We continue combing the room, until we find a small hidden door near the far right corner of the room. There is an old smell of rotten wood and dust coming from it. But before we can investigate further we were surprised by a loud thunder crack that echoed through the room.

Nasaug, Smitty and Bashar seem hit by an unseen force. Then a cackle is heard. A mocking sound that reaches deep into my soul like Tasha’s hideous laughter only can. It comes from Larrakh, the priest whom Baragusta said was now guiding the town elders and interpreting the stones. He is upon the ceiling, like a bat garbed in more stone wear. Curse me twice. I usually always look behind every knock and cranny to make sure we are not surprised. A trick I learned from childhood do to the possibility of creatures like hook horrors or Beholders hiding under my nose in the underdark.

A second thunder crack attack fall upon my friends. Nasaug, with quick thinking and initiative, transforms himself into a spider again and meets our foe on common ground. Bashar with quick speed pulls out two hand axes and send them hurtling in the air like boulders from a catapult. Larrakh is removed from his perch and fall to the ground, but he is only stunned. There is still malevolent power behind him.

As I rush towards them I can hear the sounds of the old ones calling me from far away. “Unleash the darkness.” I fear to listen to the voice, but I must prove myself to these allies. I must prove that I am not a child of Lolth, but a child of Faerun. I unleash an eldritch blast of pure pitch that hits Larrakh straight in the chest. Never have I succeeded such an attack. He is stunned enough for the rest to also land perfect strikes. It was like we were all in in unison. We Are Victorious.

We use the secret passage way and emerge inside the wagon makers store. We discover that ALL the town elders have fled the city while we took our rest in the tombs! At first, constable Harburk Tuthmarillar was shocked when we described our strange adventure under Red Larch, but I think he saw our sincerity and is on our side.

I will finish this entry into my diary to say this. BARAGUSTA, I don’t care if there is no price on your head. I will find you and bring you to justice.

Session 4: Ascent of the Feathergale Spire

Chapter 1 – Sheriff’s Office

  • Present corpse of Larrahk to the sheriff
  • Takes us too the back of the office and explains how he found other similar corpses with strange symbols carved into their heads
  • Talks about the Feathergale spire which is occupied by a group of knights, the Feathergale Society
  • He has heard reports of strange cult activities occurring at the spire
  • He has also heard that people go there and never return
  • He has sent a scout to Feathergale spire who would be back in 10 days to present his findings
  • We tell the sheriff we will come back in 10 days to see what the scout has found out
  • As we left the sheriff’s office a boy approached Fendira and tells her Vallinove wishes to see her

Chapter 2 – Vallinove’s Shop

  • Vallinove gives Fendira 5 scrolls from Waterdeep
  • He also mentions he is expecting a book in several days that Fendira would be interested in

Chapter 3 – The Market

  • We talk to Krausen about traveling to Amphail to get horses
  • He agrees to take us

Chapter 4 – Amphail

  • Buy 7 horses with saddles and saddle bags for 71 gold each
  • Bird comes and says some shit to Nasaug
  • Nasaug tells us an abbott of the Emerald Enclave has requested his presence in Goldenfields, a town close to Amphail

Chapter 5 – Goldenfields

  • Hired adventures greet us as we approach the town
  • Bring us to see the abbott in the city’s temple
  • Abbott explains they were expecting a delegation from Mirabar with several important people:
  1. A girl from the Emerald Enclave with magic seeds that would make Goldenfields more foresty (or maybe grow a sacred grove?)
  2. A knight of Samular whose body was being brought to Summit Hall for burial
  3. A shield dwarf historian named Bruldenthar who was bring his manuscripts to Waterdeep
  4. Several diplomats
  • Nasaug sends a bird with a message to the sheriff informing him that we would not be back on time as we are going to Summit Hall to investigate what happened to the delegation from Mirabar
  • We waste time discussing what we should do and totally end up going back to Red Larch
  • Nasaug sends a stronger more powerful bird to catch the first bird he had sent and kill it before it delivered the out of date message to the sheriff

Chapter 6 – Sheriff’s Office Again

  • We arrive back in Red Larch and visit the sheriff
  • Sheriff says the scout didn’t come back
  • He also says that a shepherd saw 4 raised graves near the Spire
  • We decide to investigate the Feathergale spire

Chapter 7 – Vallinove’s Shop Again

  • Fendira goes back to Vallinove’s shop to see the book that Vallinove mentioned
  • Turns out to be Bruldenthar’s manuscript called About the geneology of the Dwarves of Besilmer
  • Vallinove says he got the book from Womford
  • We concluded that the delegation from Mirabar must have been attacked/robbed

Chapter 8 – Feathergale Spire Evening

  • It is foggy so Fendira and Nasaug sneakily investigate, finding out the spire rises out of the Sighing valley and can only be accessed by a single bridge
  • They also see some kind of figure jumping off the top of the spire
  • Nasaug also talks to an owl who is basically useless. Again mentions flying men


Chapter 9 – Feathergale Spire Morning

  • Drongar leads the possy to the spire’s entrance
  • Savra Belabranta, a knight of the spire, is at the entrance
  • She is surprisingly friendly and invites us into the spire to meet their lord commander Thurl Merosska
  • Thurl Merosska is also friendly and says we are welcome to go anywhere in the spire except for the pinnacle which is only for member’s of the knighthood
  • He also invites us to a feast that evening

Chapter 10 – Feathergale Stables

  • We visit the stables which have hippogriff’s!!!
  • Nasaug get’s an immediate erection
  • Nasaug talk’s to one hippogriff named Oliver who find’s the knights of the spire smell bad


Chapter 11 – Chamber

  • We arrive at our chamber in the spire
  • Kilrin uses a spell to see if we were in danger going to the feast
  • The spell causes Kilrin to cough up seawater and spit up sea weed that says the knight’s of the spire aren’t what they appear

Chapter 12 – The Feast

  • We arrive at the feast and only sit down briefly when one of the knight’s barges into the room and inform’s everyone present that a Manticore was attacking the spire
  • Thurl and his knights head for the pinnacle of the spire
  • He also asks that we come with them to aid in the hunt


Chapter 13 – The Pinnacle of the Spire

  • Thurl gives us hippogriff’s to ride on
  • He says that whoever kill’s the Manticore will receive a ring which he removed from his finger and displayed to all present
  • We decided to form a group together

Chapter 14 – The Sighing Valley

  • We start looking for the Manticore within the Sighing valley (where the spire is located)
  • We eventually find and chase down the Manticore
  • In the middle of the fight the Manticore’s mate appears
  • We kill the first Manticore but a group of bird people race kill steal the second one
  • They turn out to be friendly and tell us about the bodies at the bottom of the spire
  • They also mention we can call them if we need help in the valley
  • We take the Manticore heads as proof of their death

Chapter 15 – The Pinnacle of the Spire Again

  • We arrive back to the spire where we are greeted by Thrul, Savra and a mysterious Air Priest
  • We present the Manticore heads and receive the dank ass ring
  • The mysterious Air Priest says his name is Windvale
  • He talks about Lady Kalinoth a “Prophet of Air” and about some god named Yan-C-bin
  • Windvale says we must join the knights or he will totally kill us all. Not cool.
  • A fight ensues
  • We kill Thrull but Windvale gets away by turn into a gassy cloud and flying off into the sunset
  • We find an alter to Yan-C-bin at top of the spire that has a spy glass and a dagger used to carve the symbol of air into the forhead of the sacrifices
  • Nasaug takes the dagger and Fendira looks through the spy glass to see Wind Vale far far away
  • We interrogate Savra, the only knight we had managed to capture in the fight
  • She also explains that Windvale is an air priest of the Howling Hatred cult (The knights we just rocked)
  • She says Queen Aerisi Kalinoth (the Prophet of the Cult of Howling Hatred) will get her revenge
  • She describes Lady Kalinoth is an avariel (Winged Elf), and is the most beautiful creature you could ever set your eyes on…. and shall use her “great gift from Yan-C-Bin”, a longspear called Windvane to annihilate the world and subject all to her kingdom

Chapter 16 – The End

  • We end up searching the tower for more loot
  • In the Lord Commanders chambers is a note that reads:


We are pleased to hear about the outcome of
your altercation with the Black Earth cult, and
we praise you for the capture of one of their
prisoners. This noblewoman from Waterdeep
has an interesting tale to tell, and we shall enjoy
interrogating her further. Keep a close watch on
the Sacred Stone Monastery. I want to know what
our enemy is planning next.

Your beloved queen,
Aerisi Kalinoth

  • Loganth name’s the spire “Loganth’s Spire”
  • The party simultaneously rolls their eyes
  • We find Oliver the hippogriff and he agrees to hang with us for the time being
Session 5: Sacred Stone Monastery
Searching for seeds by Nasaug

It all started when we left Loganth’s Spire. We decided to head to Beliard to try and try to track down the delegation. Grugain appears to have a new pseudodragon companion . This appears to make Drongar very upset. These city folk are almost impossible to understand.

The night Grugain somehow missed Owl Bears


On the second night, we made camp and went to sleep as normal. Grugain stayed awake and stood watch. He did it badly….. I awoke to an Owlbear trying to slash my head off while I could hear another one attacking from the other side of camp. I was knocked unconscious before I could even move.

Smitty was able to temporarily revive me. I look around and see a second owl bear asleep on the ground. The first owl bear is still enraged by my presence. He grapples me and started running out of camp. I manage to break his grasp, turn into a dire wolf and retreat back to my allies. We regroup and manage to scare the owl bears away. They were clearly petrified by my ferocious wolf form.

Suddenly a wild earthquake! Two Hydralisks (Ankhegs) appear out of the ground attacking from the front and the back!


We down one of the Ankhegs and a priest appears. We are able to down the Ankhegs and take the priest hostage. He tells us that the Prophet of the elemental earth, Marlos, sent him. He used to hang out at the stone monastery in the mountains to the east. Tells us we’ll never stand against the cults. I ask about the symbol left in my village and he tells he it represents fire.

We move camp and go back to sleep. Drongar Dofras has taken responsibility of the prisoner and wants to deliver him to Beliard. It’s going to be tough – the prisoner keeps trying to run away or kill himself to escape imprisonment.

The stone bridge!

After much traveling we reach the stone bridge. Truly a marvel of the age. As we approach the voice in the sky talks all about the details of the bridge. The history. The craftsmanship. Expectations were super high but nothing happened.

Arrival in Beliard

Drongar brings prisoner to Sheriff. Sheriff says delegation was attacked from a dragon! He’s a liar. That never happened.

Instead of listening to the unreliable sheriff we visit the Inn. Many guests remember the delegation and inform us they left town on the south path towards Summit Hall, base of operations of the Knights of Samular. One guest remembers seeing monks with gold masks. The monks made a triangle symbol with each other. Others remembered seeing warriors flying on Giant Vultures. An old guy told us the stone monastery is on the other side of the river.

Drongar visits the local Armor Smith. He purchases a warhammer and asks the local smith if anyone has tried selling any high quality weapons matching the description of the one stolen from his Master. The smith says that a Water Genasi tried selling a sword that matches the description 4 or 5 tenday ago.

Traveling the south path

As we are walking down the Dessarin road we find a swarm of ravens and vultures 15 miles out of town. We travel towards the birds and investigate the area. We find the remains of a ferocious battle and a dozen dead soldiers with an emblem of a red axe. Two graves were dug on the side with a symbol from Mirabar.

Upon closer inspection, we find out lots of earth magic was used here. None of the delegation is present but lots their soldiers. We find gold masks (gilded tin). I find a trial of bug bears that leads to the river.

At the river we find some boats. We cross the river with them and discover another 20 boats. Tracks continue up to the monastery.


Entering the monastery

We approach through the side garden. It was locked but Smitty was able to pick it open. In the garden we get attacked by two gargoyles. I transform into a bear and make quick work of them. However, my damage didn’t seem particularly effective for some reason.

We enter into the monastery through an entrance in the garden, which was mysteriously locked with an arcane lock spell. The entrance leads to a lab and we find a nice looking man working behind the bench. The other members of the party seem scared – almost screaming running around in circles. I don’t know why….

Nice man

The man in the lab turns out to be a lich – still don’t get it, but whatever. He tells us his name is Renwick Caradoon – brother to the famous knight Samular Caradoon, founder of the Knights of Samular, who is currently buried at Summit Hall. His brother seems like a dick though. Renwick was turned into a lich by his brother when he died on the battle field.

After a moving speach by Grugain DeVir, reminding him of the good man he once was, Renwick tells us that if we clear the monastery he will make sure no one enters again. Renwick gives Drongar an Amulet of Health. He lets us rest in a side room before we enter the main monastery. Before we leave him he passes us a map.

Investigating the monastery

After entering, we find 2 monks in a distilling room. We take them out and find some spare uniforms. We all change into the guard uniforms and continue looking around.

We find a dojo. Inside are 4 monks and a woman who appears to be training them. Everyone but me decides to go inside and get beat up. Not sure why but doesn’t really surprise me. The woman turns out to be Helen Ray, the leader of the monastery. She tells the others to “see Carbo and he’ll attend to you”.


The next room was a study where we found 4 monks reading some books. We find some books about male medusa, Marlos Urnrayle, the Prophet of Earth. Urnrayle founded the black earth temple deeply below the monastery. He nurtures a black geode and, with Ironfang (a gift from the Prince of Evil Earth), waits until “the ever growing mountain comes and remakes the land in his own image”.


We continue making our way around the monastery. As we go Smitty starts locking doors behind us to make sure guards can’t sneak up behind.

Finally, we enter the altar room and find Carbo. We try and deceive him, pretending to be new recruits. He seems to be buying it and tells us to go into the basement below the altar. As we start descending the stairs they turn into a slide and we all fall to the bottom.

At bottom, an Ultralisk (Umberhulk) is released from behind bars and attacks!


Session 6: The Adventure of the Mad Monks
Sacred Stone Monestary Caves


When last we saw our heroes, they had been victim to a cruel trap by Quarbo and placed in the catacombs underneath the monastery. Drongar, Nasaug, Smitty and Captain Fendira struggle to their feet.

In the bowels of the damned place, many horrors await…

Chapter I


A set of metal bars is all that stands between our adventurers and an umber hulk. The hulking insectoid has bronze blades grafted onto its arms. It has been tortured and altered. It’s second set of eyes have been removed, perhaps it can no longer use its dazzling gaze? Trapped behind the metal bars and looking for a way to attack, it struggles to reach our heroes.

Smitty, quick witted and resourceful manages to cast a spell which heats the bronze blades attached to their adversary. Unable to drop his blades, the burning punishment continues to distract the beast and hampers its ability to break the bars. Keeping it isolated from the brave party, it allows for Fendira to pummel the umber hulk with a constant barrage of magic missiles. Several moments pass and just as the party is assured an easy victory against an otherwise challenging foe, the evil monks open the gate for the beast, giving it access to its prey. Our noble warriors still achieve victory, though not before Nasaug receives a terrible blow.

Victorious and stumbling, our heroes move on.

Chapter II

A magically sealed door to one side and a door our heroes assume must be used to feed umber hulks on the other were their options. With the help of Smitty, the group moves towards the magic door. The mad monks are dangerous, though it was doubtful this door was their doing and so our heroes take the least expected root to continue their assault.

Behind the magic door is an ancient crypt where the undead have awoken to find it their new home. Unknown by our battered heroes, the danger was far from over.

Being entombed for such a long period of time must be tiring. Even though the dead do not tire, it is somewhat strange to imagine a passage of static time to be anything else but tiring and lonely. Are the zombies even aware of their existence or are they simply cursed to seek out life and extinguish it. Is the state of death a famine which hungers for life with no better way to absorb it than through ingestion? The dead cannot answer nor would they if they could for they hunger more than they wish to communicate. Truly the unlife of such creatures is nothing to draw too much attention to, but wait…what’s this? Their prison is opened, and in walks their next potential meal. Four delicious looking adventurers? The undead move in for a bite.

Six zombies stumble towards our heroes. Fortunately for the adventurers, a zombie is sluggish and ineffective, though one must not underestimate the zombie, for its strength lies in their numbers. Drongar is hit hard by the lumbering corpses, but is still standing. Nasaug shape shifts into a bear and adds more bite onto the heroes side, but is it enough? One by one, the zombies are felled and our heroes investigate the largely undisturbed crypt, undisturbed until now. The central sarcophagus reads.

Samular Caradoon
Defender of the North

The brother of the friendly Lich. The party owes much to the Caradoon family name. Within the tomb of the noble knight, a staff of healing is found. Since Nasaug contributes keenly as a bear, the staff falls to Smitty to wield. After a short rest, and a few charges of healing, our brave heroes catch their second wind and move on.

Aside from where they came, there are two paths to explore. One path appears to lead upwards and our heroes assume must lead back to the Lich. This leaves one path sealed by a rusted door to explore.

Chapter III


The path ahead leads the party to what appears to be mining tunnels, though what they are mining for is not really clear. Our heroes come across an Orog, a sly orc though one might say twice as ugly, is found whipping slaves. Drongar the paladin is having none of it. This is not the orog’s day, after several embarrassing misses, it appears that fate smiles upon our heroes. A critical miss sees the orog devastatingly hit itself and allows Fendira to finish it off with a frost arrow to its face, striking it dead. Not knowing what to do with the captives, the heroes move them to the tomb, which should be safe now that the undead are dealt with. After escorting the newly freed slaves, the adventurers probe deeper into the tunnels.

A brief confrontation with aggressive fungus convinces our heroes that their efforts could be better invested without needless fighting; they go down a different path. A bit further, they meet three Duergar. Duergar.jpgThe dark dwarves initially do not directly attack our party, still dressed as monks, though neither are they friendly. After Drognar somewhat successfully navigates a social exchange with the stubby stains of existence, it proves only to delay the inevitable. Fendira, Captain Fendira you see, absolutely, hates, durugar.

Fendira gives the order to engage the three dark dwarves. One grows to double its size in an instant and shows that these small dwarves can pack a deceptively large punch. Though the dwarf grows large, his comrade falls quicker than he can react to stop our heroes. Smitty casts a sleeping spell in an effort to slow the onslaught of these underdwellers. As one begins to slumber, the remaining darkling wakes his sleeping ally. Through all the confusion and speed of the conflict of sleeping and waking and growing, another of the three falls to the party’s blade. One left and he does not last long. Even though the durugar may have been avoided, there is no telling what mischief they were capable of once the group turned their backs on them. Captain Fendira aired on the side of caution, sharp bloodthirsty caution.

The underdark must be a ruthless place one must conclude. An ill tempered dwarf is common, simply enter any tavern to see one. A dark brooding elf is nothing special either, for any who live so long inevitably develop a chip on their shoulders as well. For a halfling though, it simply chills to the bone to see what dark places do to their kind and innocent souls.

Chapter IV


The heroes of our tale continue to explore the catacombs. Through its winding paths they come across a group of slavers, three orog and one ogre. Our adventurers are nearly spent, but fight on. The ogre is a large strong creature. Even if it is not very clever, it makes up for this with its strength and relentless advance. After throwing a javelin the size of a small tree, it moves in on Nasaug with its immense club while the orogs move swiftly against Drongar. The battle seemed even, though when the party enters the fray almost half dead, even an ogre sees the distinct disadvantage that poses. Drongar manages to take down two orogs with the help of Fendira, when suddenly he’s hit to the ground, but stable. By this point in the confrontation only one orog remains. Smitty casts his sleep spell and causes it to slumber, while Nasaug keeps the ogres attention. With the ogre moving in for what appears to be Nasaug’s last breath, Smitty takes out the healing staff and brings Drongar to his feet. The half-dragon knight flanks the large creature and delivers the killing blow, fortunately the last breath of this battle was not Nasaug’s, but Drongar’s breath of fire. The singed ogre falls to the ground, and Smitty finishes off the unconscious orog by heating its armor the same way he heated the umber hulk’s bronze blades. Our adventurers are tired, and nearly perished. It is time for a rest.

The group doubles back to the crypt where they left the freed slaves and fortify their position as best they can. Hopefully the monks above do not dare search where the dead lay. The heroes rest…as best they can.

Chapter V

The party rests, and though there is banging on the rusted door during the night, no other incident occurs. Refreshed after such an arduous ordeal, the party aims to end the mad monks for good.

The catacombs upon exiting the burial chamber are quiet and vacant. The further they explore, the more uneasy they feel.

In a new area of the ruins, the brave adventurers discover bars impeding their path. This section of the catacombs is markedly different, and appears dwarven in origin. It leads to the ancient city of Tyar-Besil….Nothing else however can be gleaned. The lock shall have to wait until the rest of the tunnels are secured.

Fendira leads her party to the final room, the only unexplored section. Within the guard post are three individuals: Quarbo, a dark acolyte in robes and Helen Rae. Overhearing their argument, our heroes have the element of surprise, they have no idea where they are. Unfortunately for them, our heroes have every intention on joining the conversation.

Splitting up and approaching the the room from two doors, our heroes prepare to attack. Nasaug and Fendira to one side, Drongar and Smitty the other. The evil monks can barely react. Qwarbo goes down quickly, as does the robed spell caster who tries to escape by spider climbing. This spider however bares witness to a bear’s fury as Nasaug cuts him down. Helen Rae puts up the most resistance, however she proves no match for our heroes. Among the fallen enemies our heroes find keys however none which open the dwarven passage. This sect of fanatics is defeated, however there are more questions left unanswered.


The terror of the mad monks is over, but how many more might still be out wandering and plotting a dark future. The main quest to purge this place of evil is practically complete, however there still lies secrets to uncover before leaving this place. The prisoners said the monks referred to lower chambers as the Temple of Black Earth, clearly a place of powerful elemental evil…

To be continued…

Session 7: Retreat from The Temple of Black Earth
Grugain gets stoned

As the last parts of my flesh turns to stone, from failing to avert my eyes when Marlos entered his bedchambers, catching me in the act of thievery, I am telling myself, this day has gone from bad to horrible, but in no way could get worse.

Ah, I was wrong. Maybe it could get worse. Marlos, in a fit of rage for my petty attempt at thieving, approaches me in a maddening rage with his evil looking hammer he calls Iron Fang. He grabs it with both hands and prepares to pulverize my petrified stone body. His stare, coupled with his full set of snakes for hair whirling in a frenzied dance on his head is almost as frightening to me as the stories mother’s concubine used to tell me about dryders in the Underdark.

“With Iron fang, I will RESHAPE the world!” he exclaims

Thankfully his dark shadow demon servant appeased his anger. I could barely hear what was said, as if even my insides and even my soul, were being transmogrified into some sort of stone state. Something about placing me in the yard with the other poor sods that fell victim to his devilish stares. Why did I try to rob his personal belongings? I am not thief, yet his elvish chainmail was so soft in my hands that it called to that drowish greed that I had buried long ago into hidden compartments of my soul. They left me alone in his room but not before turning around and cracking a piece of my left shoulder and pectoral. They crumble to the grounds in a pile of white dust.

I felt so alone. It was like I had left my body and was floating around my own likeness. I felt sadness and remorse. I never had a chance to prove to my would be companions that my heart was not black as pitch as the other Drow of house DeVier. I await the medusa’s servants to bring me to my final resting place. There I will also wait for Lolth to come and collect my soul for eternal torment. I know that she will collect me for having turned my back to her vile ways that is required of all Drow, especially a lowly male, and embraced another. A wild and darker other. I am sure her spider servants will find me. They will mummify me in their acidic webs and drag me to the spider hell. Maybe I am just paranoid because of my situation. Maybe she will just forget about me. I can only hope.

NO SUCH LUCK FOR ME TODAY! Out of secret passage I discovered that leads into the room, arises an enormous spider. Has Lolths servants come already? My fate seems now worse than forever being stuck in a statue. How did I get to this point?

The day had started simply enough. Drongar, Fendira, Smitty, Bashar and Nasaug, after having bravely freed the slaves from the evil black priest decided to go and lead them out of bondage. I decided to make myself scarce as there were a few deep gnomes amongst the prisoners and I doubt they had the patience Fendira has towards Svartálfars.

I decided to go and visit the Renwick the Lich. After talking to Drongar, we agreed that he might know more about this underground city, whose passage is blocked to us. Also to ask Renwick if we can let the slaves pass through his abode to avoid going through some darker unexplored dungeon that this vile temple might hold that we missed. I found him working at his alchemist sets and other dark arcana. I politely asked him my questions. He accepts to let the rescued prisoners pass through his laboratory as long as they touch nothing as well as in no way disturb him. With great reluctance he then told me it was an ancient Dwarven city by the name of Tyar-Besil. I also asked him about Rezur the dagger I found. He tells me it was magic dagger that will always be coated in blood and will never make a sound above a whisper when it is used to bring death. That’s it can also glow in the dark to help illuminate the deepest dungeons. I return quickly to the group with the news.

When I arrive, Fendira seems to be deep in conversation with a dwarf. His clothes are not as tattered as the other prisonners as well as being of finer materials. I discover that he is a Harper, like me, as well as a scholar by the name Bruldenthar, the scribe who wrote the large tome that Fendira brings along everywhere. He speaks of his journey south of Beliard and being ambushed by these priests of the black earth and being brought here. He even describes in an epic manner, an attack on the black earth priests and their caravan of slaves by the winged warriors we had encountered previously on that incredibly large dwarven bridge. Some sort of civil war over the four elements I wonder? As for the deep gnomes, they ended up being her after being taken from their outpost. They describe a large gust of winds and a woman’s laughter in the dark and then they were on the surface. How strange this makes me feel.

After our various parleys, I convey my finding about Tyar-Besil, to the group and offer my suggestion to venture forth into the unknown. Fendira protests strenuously and says that she has a “bad feeling about this” and that we should not attempt the trek without being more prepared. Smitty and Drongar seem less apprehensive and interested in the idea. Bashar is completely interested for it’s a chance for adventure and glory. Only one thing stands in our way. A large door with a lock that seems nigh impossible to open. Through some divine providence, incredible luck or just mastery of skill, Smitty is able to unlock the great doors and let us venture into the dark dwarven city.

We should have listened to Fendira and stayed away from this ominous place.
It was pitch black, so I went ahead as point of the group and pull out Rezur out of its sheath. Renwick told me it cast a glow that can illuminate in the darkness and it did perfectly. I place it on my shoulder to help the other see as I use my dark vision. I see everything. Perfectly carved steps and well warn probably crafted a 1000 years ago. Beautiful friezes and bas reliefs made of clay depict hills, grass and a castle of some sort. But disconcertingly, murder holes can also be seen across this place.

A head is a large stone bridge inside a cavernous room filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Passed the bridge is another passage, illuminated by torches. But this passage is blocked by a large clay statue in the shape of a humanoid the size of an ogre. It may be a lifeless statue, yet, for some unknown reason, we ALL feel apprehensive. It may look inanimate but we all have a feeling that it is sentient somehow. Like a Sentinel of some sorts. We venture forth cautiously.

Drongar tries to talk to it. “We would like to pass, we are seeking adventure.” It does not move and does not even acknowledge our presence. For we know, it is but a scarecrow made to frighten looters. Smitty tries to engage it in dwarven and slowly its biddy, lifeless eyes turn to acknowledge him.
“What is the sign?” it asks to our amazement.
We try many combinations of words and symbols to try and pass this sentinel but sadly to no avail.

Suddenly Nasaug, with his keen elvish eyes, notices a small ledge that seems somewhat like a passage to another part of the cavern. But it too is in the path of the creature. With deftly movement he tries to pass the sentinel, but fails. It grabs him in a powerful hold with one hand. We can see some sort of evil taint afflict Nasaug and before our eyes we see some of his life-force drained.

Quickly we jump into action. Bashar acts first then Drongar with skilled and powerful melee attacks. It does not even seem to tickle the clay. They both place themselves in defensive positions, wondering what the sentinel will unleash like attack. I center myself, feel the energies from the other plains enter into my heart and with an exhale I throw from my hands an agonizing blast of eldritch. A sure hit in the creatures chest but still no effect.
Smitty then remembers some obscure lore about such a creature. He called it a clay Golem and he indicates to us that only magically enhanced or adamantine weapons might hurt it and that most magic spells ricochet off its earthy hide.

I throw Rezur to Bashar who wields it like it was more than an extension of his arm. More like an extension of his will. He uses new techniques I had not yet seen him apply. They remind me of brush strokes that only an artist can apply upon canvas. But for Bashar, his paints are blood. Drongar also hacks at the golem saying a little prayer and Smitty uses magic spells made to impede a foe, to no avail. This is the strongest adversary we have ever encountered yet and its dead eyes make our frustrations worse. I try to hex the beast to try to affect its essence with necrotic energies but again no visible effect. But Nasaug takes the opportunity to wiggle out of its grasp.

Suddenly the creature takes not one, not two but three hits upon Drongar. Drongar is barely standing. After such an assault we try and do a tactical retreat.
Bashar exclaims “I am brave… but not foolish!”

But I suddenly see Nasaug try and go for the secret ledge. The Golem tries another hit upon him. I cannot let him go alone; I must aid my woodland cousin. I try an acrobatic leap to pass the creature, but only end in his suffocating grasp.

I was not the only one who failed at an athletic task. Nasaug slipped and started to fall to the ledge. I felt my heart stop. The fall was over 150 feet and the floor was littered with boulders. Surely he would break his back if not crack his skull from such a height.
A wave of blue energy passed me and surrounded Nasaug. I turned my head to see Smitty casting a feather fall spell around our friend. He descended down the pit in a slow fall. My heart began to beat again but only to be assaulted by the life darning attack of the clay golem.

I make myself small and I succeed in escaping his painful grasp. I land on the ledge Nasaug attempted to maneuver upon before with success. I have a better time at it then he did and move away from the golem. As we are all out of his reach he seems to go back into his state of menacing hibernation.

I am weary and feel like he took half my life away with but a touch. My breath his heavy and my head aches. . I feel my muscle tone decrease as well as my confidence. I must reach my friends another way, I cannot go back passed the golem for I am sure he will drain all of my life force if I do.

I look at my surroundings and see that the ledge goes all around the edge of the cavern wall and returns to the beginning of the bridge where I can meet up with my friends. I start the long and traitorous path forward. As I reach half way the Golem reawakens and turns to look at me. I feel a fear traverse me. Is he going to attack again in a mad leap across the pit? Instead he does a large below. The sound is disturbing, like a bear’s death rattle, yet seems more like a warning. A warning to something not yet seen.

I scan around me and I can see an opening above me. It leads to an antechamber that overlooks this pit and bridge. I slowly peek, and quickly bring down my gaze as fast I can. I spotted a devil. Marlos himself, there seated on a chair in what can only be described as an evil throne room. I can hear him stand and begin walk towards the edge to see what the Golem has warned him about. I do not bother to investigate more, or stay for him to find me there. I continue stealthfully towards my friends. Even if I was not weakened, I was taking Fendira’s advice that this foe’s powers was beyond my ken.

A little ways away from the overlooking antechamber, I see the outline to secret passage. Maybe it’s a way back to the temple above? I slowly and quietly open it. Again, I should have kept going.

I enter into a small bed chamber only 20 footsteps wide, with a large bed. It was ornamented by sculptures and busts and I can see a chest at the foot of the bed. This is where I ended up in this state. I traversed the room with incredible furtiveness. Not even a hook horror could have heard my foot falls upon the stone floor. I greedily opened the chest hoping for some compensating treasure for today failures. At first I felt rewarded by its contents. It was sylvan chainmail armor. Elven chain is said to be light, silent and almost as strong as plate mail. I could have used such protection against the Golem. Maybe for our future attempt at passing the golem? Sadly I don’t think I will have a second attempt at anything.

The chest must have been warded by some magic. MARLOS was alerted to my thievery. I saw him pass through the stone wall as if he was an ethereal being. It was more like he was one with the stone and him traversing the rock was like light passing through a pain of glass. Our gazes crossed and then I was truly and royally FUCKED. I tried my hand at subterfuge, using the prejudices versus my race as means that I could become a roguish ally or an assassin. I could stall him as to give me time to run the ledge via the secret passage but it was too late. The curse had already solidified my body into stone.
So here I am, nothing more than disembodied spirit fettered to my stone corpse. And now a demon spider from the Queen of the spiders is coming to take me to her underworld, where she will sink here teeth into me and drain the innards of my soul, over and over again in a perpetual hell. I wish I could see my friends one last time. To tell them they had been the only kind people I had ever met.

The spider arrived to me and did the strangest thing. He doused my stone body with webbing and grabbed a hold of my stone body and proceeded to carry it out, with great stealth and delicate grace. My gods, it isn’t some demon spider from the hell pits. It’s Nasaug. Like a guardian celestial he must have heard my pleas.
He carried me as best he could back to the group. I was not the worse for wear, but my stone body has had a bit of damage. I lost a piece of my shoulder and a whole finger. What do I care really?. I am a statue and soon I am sure my soul will make its journey to the afterlife

The party rushes me out of Tyar-Besil and then brought me directly to Renwick. Good idea, maybe he will have some form of spell reversal.
In his usual uninterested manner, he explains that the only way to bring me out of this state is with a powerful spell called “Greater restoration.” He also says such a spell can restore our life force stolen by the clay golem. He says that he could prepare an elixir and release me from my cage of stone, but at a price. I can see the apprehension in my companion’s eyes. Has Renwick played us all this time? Is he a true Lich and has nothing but evil intent?

He turns to Drongar and reassures him “This will not compromise your faith, but perhaps your conscience . You must go forth to Summit Hall, to retrieve the body of my fallen brother. But be warned… they will not give it up lightly”
I can see in each of the eyes of my companions. “ADVENTURE AWAITS!”

Session #8: Saving Grugain
As told by the heroic and honourable Drongar Dofras.

After a restful sleep everyone awakes feeling refreshed to a wonderful sunny day! Well, everyone apart from Grugrain who is still a stone statue.

After a quick discussion on what to do with Grugrain (and a long discussion from Loganth on the benefits of renting a room from him in his spire) , we decide Grugrain is probably too heavy to carry so we’ll just leave him here. We carefully camouflage him into the sunniest part of the garden. He’d appreciate that if he could talk. He always did love the sun.

Off to Summit Hall!

We quickly get our barrings and set off down the path we took to get here and reach our boats. It appears the river has claimed some of them but we still have two. Enough to fit us all, albeit tightly.

Kilrin keeps repeating not to worry and how he will use his expert boating knowledge to get us across the river. However, I’m beginning to suspect he may not be the expert he claims to be. All he did was mumble “eastward” and something about a belaying pin.

We manage our way to the eastern coast of the river to see a pirate ship coming down the river towards us. Kilrin mentions how this isn’t unusual for these parts of the river and how there is a pirate town just downstream.

Looking through his telescope we see Water Genesai aboard one of the vessels. Kilrin tries calling out to the vessel but they don’t appear to hear him. A Water Genesai is responsible for killing my master. I hope I did not let her down and let her murderer escape.

We continue on to Summit Hall. After reaching the road we head north towards the city.

After many hours we begin to see signs that we are getting close. As we walk down the road we begin to see more farmland and the occasional knight walking by.

Summit Hall!

We finally can see the castle in the distance and can see from here they are flying the flag of the Knights of Samular. At least we didn’t get lost…

After talking to a gate guard about the delegation that was supposed to be passing through it is recommended we go speak to Lady Ushien Strombanner. He gives us directions to the cathedral.

As we enter the cathedral we see a lady dressed in gold armor praying. We introduce ourselves and, as we suspected, she is Lady Ushien Strombanner.

We ask if we can give our respects to Samular and she leads us down a well traveled path to his tomb.

The tomb!

As we approach the tomb we see two guards dressed in plate outside the doors.

We enter a long corridor with small halls branching off. At the end of the corridor we see a casket in an ornate room with large statue of Samular Caradoon, with a massive sword in his hand.


After paying our respects, which oddly requires us to kiss the sword, I ask the Lady if they have a cleric who would be able to tend to our wounds. She tells us that they do not have one here but the order could perhaps send one up from Waterdeep. But the donation required could be quite expensive…

She mentions that she does have some things that needs to be tended to and if we would look into it she would cover the donation for us. Evidently the Ice Shield Orcs have begun raiding villages east of the city.

We agree to look into the Orc problem she has and she mentions to find Urn Stoutblade when we get out east. He was sent there earlier and he would be able to help. He can identify him from his badass mustache.

After a nights rest we head towards the High Forest.


As we approach Gustar’s creek we see around a dozen people in the water. They all have shark toothed swords and shields made of giant crab shells, and are covered in barnacles. One of the people appears to have blue skin. The priestly man with them has flowing robes that almost seem to be made of seawater…

We try talking to them to find out if they know anything of the disturbances that have been reported in the area. They don’t seem to be the chatty type.

Loganth tries to impress them with his conch. They take it from him and refuse to give it back saying, “It is of the water, It is ours”. They were being super big dicks. We begin to fight them.

As the battle starts the blue skinned person transforms into a giant water snake and disappears. Shortly after we begin fighting the remaining enemies the blue snake appears and begins crushing Smitty.

After a grueling battle, we free Smitty, kill most of them, and capture their priest.

The priest was surprisingly unhelpful. We eventually take all his things and release him into the water.


We rest. Nothing happens.

Northward! Like way, way northward!

After many days of traveling we see something in the distance. Smoke billowing from a house. We rush towards it to see if anyone is in trouble.

As we approach the house we hear screams coming from inside and the sound of someone coughing.

We rush inside to find an elf trapped beneath a beam. Drongar and Bashar manage to get the beam off of him and carry him outside. We mentions that we must save his wife so Loganth and Kilrin run upstairs to look for others.

After Drongar heals some of his wounds we are able to get more information from the injured elf. He tells us that an Orc party raided his home and stole his wife and the farm maids. After they were finished they set his house on fire.

Bashar calls out to Kilrin and Loganth to come back oustide, there is no one else in the house to save.

The elf, Sel, points out a path that they came from and we get on our horses to chase after them. He insists on joining us and we eventually let him, but only after he agrees to listen to everything we say.

While in pursuit he mentions that Urn Stoutblade that we are looking for is probably at Dellmon Ranch, which is nearby, and how there was probably around 4 or 5 Orcs that raided his house as best he could tell.

After 30 minutes of riding we catch up to the Orcs. We can see they are resting and have setup a cook fire. We immediately engage them and we kill them all.

Afterwards we head to Dellmon Ranch. Things do not look well here. This large farm seems to filled with almost an entire villages worth of people, all clad in makeshift armor and weapons of questionable age. They are preparing for war.

Session 9: The Siege of Dellmon Ranch
Iceshield Orcs gone cray girl!


After arriving at Dellmon Ranch we met with the patriarch, Kerbin Dellmon, to discuss the orcs that have been plaguing the surrounding area. He tells us about a man named Erned Stoutblade, a Knight of Samular, who had been helping protect the area from the orcs. He also mentioned that members of the Emerald Enclave, including a druid named Drena, were staying at Dellmon’s Ranch and had sent word to the elves from high forest asking for help.


As we continued talking to the Patriarch, Erned Stoutblade arrived. He sat atop a mighty stead clad in full chainmail and a polished iron breastplate. He also wore a cloak of ocean blue around his neck held in place by an iron clasp that proudly displayed the sigil of the Knights of Samular. But if there was one characteristic that represented Stoutblade, one thing that every man, women and child would remember after meeting him, it would be his glorious mustache. I had never before seen such a ravishing mustache and knew the instant my eyes laid witness to it that I would never see one of its majesty ever again. Kingdoms were built, fought over and destroyed for a mustache of such implausible beauty. Beauty? That word does not begin to describe it. If a star is beautiful, then this mustache would be all of the infinite cosmos combined. I had to look away for fear my brain would cease to work as it tried understanding the incalculable wonder it had just perceived. As I turned away, I saw the others staring at the dope stache with a look of bewilderment. Their eyes had glossed over and tears were streaming down their faces’.

Once we had all recovered, Stoutblade informed us that between 50 and 200 orcs were heading towards Dellmon’s Ranch. A few of the local farmers overheard our conversation and began to panic. Before the panic could spread, Smitty delivered a motivational speech and the fear was replaced by courage. Several of the locals stepped forward and offered to help defend against the attack. In order to prepare for battle, we laid tar around part of Dellmon Ranch’s parameter and discussed where to position those who wished to fight. I used my scope to scout incoming forces.


The firstfwave was a success, and beaten off, but we also began to realize that Stoutblades’s skill in combat may have been embellished in the many heroic stories we had heard about him. After putting out a few fires and aiding those hurt in combat, we decided to prepare for the next fight as we knew the worst was yet to come. Drongar built a flame thrower in the forge and Drena went to summit hall for reinforcements (She returns shortly after having narrowly avoided an orc ambush). We send a scout in each direction to find any approaching orcs while the rest of the party interrogates the orc captives who had survived the battle. The captives were of no use. They spoke what sounded like gibberish, perhaps linked to a spell we discovered upon them. Loganth determined it was some type of madness… Shortly after the interrogation, the scouts return with news of an approaching orc horde. A battle ensued.


The orcs then tried a different tactic. They began brush fires upwind, covering the area with smoke so as to make their approach far more difficult to see… They broke through our defenses a few times, but we always managed to push them back.

As the battled went on we slowly began to overpower the orcs. The outcome was definite; it was just a matter of time. Just then, the barn doors burst open and two ogres, two orogs, a shaman and the orc war chief emerged. The battle raged on with combatants falling on both sides. Then the fight went from bad to worse. Drongar begins to falter under the endless barrage of orc attacks and Stoutblade couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn (literally). Through sheer desperation, we decide to use the flamethrower Drongar had built earlier in the forge. Just as we were about to light the oil, the farmer holding the nozzle was pelted with arrows. I am not one who loves fire, but I am also not one who loves dying so I grabbed the nozzle from the fallen farmer and aimed it at the two ogres standing in front of me. They got badly burnt along with several orcs behind them and just like that the tide of combat started to swing in our favor. The war chief fought like a raving madman, taking a beating like no other orc I’ve seen. He fought furiously and without relent. We eventually take out the war chief and the remaining orcs were released from the spell we had seen on the captives from the previous battle, and they all cowered.


As the orcs retreated, the elves from High Forest arrived and finished off the stragglers. It seems that the little druid Drena sent an animal messenger to the Emerald Enclave for reinforcements. I don’t think the orcs will be bothering this farmstead again anytime soon…

100 years later:

After another victory for Drongar, the new Emperor, I lie flat on back in the middle of the battlefield surrounded by dead and soon-to-be dead men. It was a cold night and one of the first times in the last few years I was alone with my thoughts. I wrapped Nasaug’s pelt around me tightly to keep the chill off my bones. Blood was soaking through my armour, but that didn’t seem to matter anymore. My mind was free to return its focus to the mustache that had haunted my dreams for the past hundred years. I drifted my gaze up to the starry sky and made a mustache constellation by connecting random stars together. I then reached my hand toward the sky in a feeble effort to touch the ephemeral moustache constellation. Perhaps, if I die on this battlefield, Istishia would honour me with a legendary mustache of equal awesomeness in the great beyond. I turned my head to the side and my faced dawned a faint smile as I closed my eyes.

Session 10: Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!
Assault on Riverguard Keep! by Nasaug

As the elves finish off the orc battle, Nasaug recognizes one of the wood elves as his cousin, Jharym.


Jeremy: “Nasaug, you are amazing! You basically dealt with all the orcs yourself.”
Nasaug: “Shut up baby. I know it…”
Jeremy: “The Emerald Enclave wanted me to give you this in honor of you being super fly.”
Nasaug promoted to Summerstrider (Emerald Enclave rank II).
Nasaug receives Boots of springing and striding.

Meanwhile, Loganth investigates the war chief. He finds a dark purple crystal sticking out of the center of the war chief’s chest. Loganth grabs the crystal without thinking of the consequences. Unsurprisingly, the evil war chief crystal does evil things to Loganth. His eyes turn purple and he appears locked in a trance. I’m immediately drawn towards this strange powerful feeling.

Luckily, Loganth is able to snap out of the trance before anything bad happens. We realize the crystal looks very similar to the one we found previously. When we start to compare the two crystal they magically fly together and combine into one new piece. Drongar forges a new box to contain the crystal’s dark energy.

Smitty the Wordsmith investigates the long grass around the village. Suddenly, he discovers a pouch of pokeballs (A Bag of Tricks). There appears to be 8 balls in the pouch. Smitty had never heard of a pouch that holds balls before. He guesses the pouch was probably originally designed to hold bells.

The druid lady Drena from the farmstead also gives us a gift of thanks. Loganth tells us that its a magical bag of holding, capable of holding, apparently…

Bag of holding
Bag of holding

The group gathers back up in town. It’s getting late in the day so we decide to help the villagers bury their dead in the graveyard. Afterwards, we setup camp and decide to head back to Summit Hall in the morning. The Elves from High Forest say they’ll help defend the area and help the farmers rebuild.

Journey back to Summit Hall
On the first morning we discover a group of people worshiping a fire. We decide to go talk to them to discover what they are up to. Once we get closer it is pretty clear they are a cult. They call themselves pilgrims but we all know the truth. We leave them to their culting and continue on our way.

After several days, and midway through our journey, we arrive in Beliard. We decide to take a short rest in the city before continuing on. Smitty decides to find a blacksmith to investigate the lock we found in the stone monastery. Smithy, the blacksmith, is very curious about the lock. He thinks that for 75g he will be able to disassemble the lock and make a key for it. Smithy’s apprentice, Smithurs, takes the lock into the back to start working on it.

The next day we head back out to the Sacred Stone Monastery to pick up Statue Grugain. Luckily, he is right where we left him. I guess not many people want to steal statues. Grugain’s pseudodragon is still perched on his shoulder. On closer inspection, we realize Grugain is covered in bird poop.

Nasaug: “Why would be allow birds to poop all over your master little one?”
Pseudodragon: “I would never allow a bird to do that! I haven’t left his side this entire time! Not even to relieve myself!!”

The entire party is grossed out, but we manage to come up with a mechanism to transport Grugain back to Summit Hall. The rest of the journey was uneventful and we made good time traveling once we got back on the road.

Summit Hall

Luckily, once we arrive back at the hall we are informed the cleric has arrived. He takes a look at our injuries and confirms we have been afflicted by the touch of a clay golem, and he will be able to cure us. We pay him the cost of the materials (100g each) and he heals Nasaug, Drongar and Grugain. Unfortunately, Grugain’s fingers didn’t fair so well. His left thumb and right ring finger were damaged beyond repair. He also has a small, but deep section of his left pectoral missing from where Marlos unleashed his rage….

Cleric Priest

Cleric Priest

Finally, with the clay golems curse behind us, the adventurers decide to travel to Wormford to investigate the missing books and the river boat that was travelling down the river.

Arrival in Wormford
Upon entering town, we head to the docks. There we discover a gigantic barge – at least 200 feet long! On board we can see 3 sailors: 2 humans and a halfing. It appears to be the vessel that we say traveling down the river with the water genasi on board.

We ask a local fish monger what he knows about the ship and after a large bribe he is very helpful! We discover the name of the captain and find out it is the ship we are after.

We decide to go up to the boat and ask some questions. Turns out the water genasi Captain, Shoalar Qaunderil, was below deck and comes up when he hears us asking the crew questions. He doesn’t seem to like us and immediately try to kill us with a cannon. Smitty, thinking fast, heats the cannon ball forcing the cannon to backfire directly into the Captain. The force of the blast throws the cannon and the Captain across the ship.

Shoalar Qaunderil

Shoalar Qaunderil

We jump into action and quickly deal with the crew. Unfortunately during the fight the Captain manages to escape by swimming away with incredible speed. We investigate the ship and find 5 tomes of history. We realize these pirates report to the pirate King Jolliver “Jolly” Grimjaw. Luckily, with the map we already had and information we found in the forecastle we managed to put together where their pirate base is located.

Drongar seems enraged. He explains that Jolly Grimjaw killed his master and stole an extremely valuable sword. Drongar has been looking for any leads to get it back. Thinking fast Kilrin Blackwater puts us to work getting the ship rigged up. We leave port and sail towards Jolly’s base hoping to reach him before the captain can report back on what happened.

Sailing towards Jolly Grimsaw

After an afternoon of sailing, Kilrin’s managed to teach us the basics and we are slowly making our way towards Jolly’s base. Looking around it’s almost as if the ship has magically shrunk to 20% of the size. In Wormford this ship appeared to be 200 feet long, but it can’t possibly be more than, maybe, 40 feet long now.

Suddenly, we get attacked by a group of ghouls! We manage to quickly deal with them and continue sailing on…

Arriving at Jolly’s base – Riverguard Keep

Rivergard Keep

Rivergard Keep

We arrive at Jolly’s base to discover the port is blocked by a giant chain. We realize we need more information and begin to interrogate the halfling sailor, Pike. After several minutes of intense interrogation methods he breaks and tells us the water symbol hand sign as well as general information on the base layout and Grimjaw.

Water Cult Warrior

Water Cult Warrior

We stuff him below deck and sail towards the base entrance. Showing the guard the water symbol sign we manage to gain access to the castle. We dock the boat at their port and I look around. I swear the boat’s even smaller than before. Maybe 20 feet long max. Strange, strange magic…

The guards meet us at the dock and guide us directly to Grimjaw’s throne room. In the throne room we are find Grimjaw and a water priest.

Jolliver Grimjaw

Jolliver Grimjaw

Water cult priest

Water cult priest

Drongar, being Drongar, immediately confronts Grimjaw in a very aggressive and direct manner. Grimjaw calls out for Shoalar to identify us. A fight breaks out and Grimjaw transforms into a wereboar!

Thinking quickly, I cast moonbeam on Grimjaw!

We manage to slay Grimjaw despite his ability to heal ordinary wounds as if they were nothing and kill the water priest. However, Shoalar slips through our grasp yet again and runs away.

Just as we are catching our breath we hear a cry out through the castle for guards to report to the throne room …


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