Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 28

Christmas Invasion


  • Fendira notices bag of holding shaking & jingling. Out of the bag comes a plate of cookies.
  • Being our normal decisive self’s, we take 10 minutes to decide to jump into the bag of holding
  • Santa explains that he lost his Naughty/Nice list. There’s a small town called Oxferd plagued with a series of unfortunate events.
  • Uses his magic fireplace and a piece of coal each Santa is able to teleport us directly to Oxferd


  • Wondering around town we stumble upon a house with a bear sized hole in it. Owner claims her Teddy Bear transformed into a huge bear and ran through her wall. She points us to Mayor Jolly Gingerbread at City Hall.
  • Mayor invites us in to discuss town attacks. Mayor mentions 2 disappearances: Kevin & Candy. According to the Mayor, Candy disappeared on Candy Cane Lane


  • Investigating Candy Cane Lane we find tracks. The tracks lead to an outcrop of trees.
  • When we approach the trees we get attacked by licorice spiders.
  • After defeating the licorice spiders, we continue following the tracks to a frozen lake. Suddenly, a wild Remorhaz appears.


  • We cross lake and follow tracks to a cave. Inside the cave we find a yeti with two snowmen. Smitty convinces them to let us pass to talk with their master. The yeti points to a giant slide and tells us we have to use it.
  • At the bottom of the slide we find a gigantic room filled with presents. Nasaug and Kilrin open presents and find treats that restore all spell slots.
  • Fendira opens a present and get a thunder blast in her face. Opens another and gets a fire blast in the face. Opens a third present and finds a glass of milk that she spills over onto the ground, but then sucks and licks it off the ground, in the most degrading fassion, which then restores her spell slots.
  • We find a 100ft door at the end of the gigantic room. The doors open to reveal a huge Christmas tree with presents. A Nasfesnee attacks (large hog elf thing).
  • Suddenly a large dragon appears. In a sleigh being pulled by the dragon is Little Timmy – clearly corrupted by something. He has a purple shard embedded into his forehead that pulses with black energy.
  • Fendira kills Timmy. Like, literally, just shoots him in the face and kills a kid.


  • Kilrin revives Timmy. We make a bonfire and return Timmy and the Naught/Nice list to Santa.
  • Santa rewards us each with a present but tells us not to open them until Christmas.
  • The heroes add the shard from Timmy’s head to their collection, and this piece seems to take a spot in the center, and now the whole thing beats like a heart with black blood veins running through it.



Soryyn Soryyn

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