Princes of the Apocalypse

Session # 30 - I Lava Good Fight

  • Fendira discovers two teleportation portals. One in Red Larch and one in Waterdeep
  • Exit the Earth Temple and travel toward Logayths Spire
  • Vanifer the Fire Prophet tells Nasaug in a dream that the fire cult will destroy the town of Beliard the sunset the day after tomorrow
  • Rush toward Beliard
  • During a rest we put Krausen back together
  • Arrive in Beliard around supper time and the towns people are hiding in their houses
  • Talk to the sheriff and search the town for any suspicious activity
  • The great and honorable drongar finds that there may be suspicious groups of people either north or south of the city
  • Nasaug summons birds to check the borders of the city
  • All directions have a group of cultists heading towards the city.
  • Each group of cultists is carrying a case
  • Ride west of Beliard and find five fire cultists and one razor blast holding a large chest on the Stone Bridge
  • The chest they were carrying was filled with soot
  • Ride east of Beliard and find five fire cultists carrying a large chest
  • The cultists were an illusion
  • Ride back to Beliard to meet the last two groups of cultists. As we arrive they open the chests


Soryyn matthew_daniel_ohara

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