Princes of the Apocalypse

Session #34

House of Banishment

Keith, Nat, Justin, Joe, Ben

- We all agree that the previous group were not every organized in their “clearing of the dungeon”.. what a bad method.. pffff so we go back to the where the lava is “heading” to.

  • Grugain disguises himself as a fire cultist and he and Fendi decide to stealth to go explore. Fendi is a pro and Grugain gets saved by his disguise…
  • We see an efreet, fire cultists, salamanders and azers doing blacksmiths, making armors and equipment.
  • Fendi is awesome at her knowledge and rolls a natural 29
  • Bashaar also rolls like a boss on his perfection
  • we have a surprise round, we plan the shit out of it: Loganth and Fendi go greater invisi, Loganth Banishes the Efreet back to his home plane of Elemental Fire. Fendi casts a cone of cold and kills all the azers but 1 and all the fire cultists, She also hurts like hell the Salamanders. Bashaar bashes the salamanders and azers, Grugain and Kilrin blast the salamander
    *Another efreet comes out from invisibility .. shit! He goes straight for Fendira and casts Planaar Shift… after 2 counterspells from Fendi and Loganth and a miserable fail on her spell resist.. Fendira gets shifted to the Elemental Plane of Fire….
  • She sees a great big city that is made of Brass and on fire.. it is beautiful. It is the City of Brass… home and lair of the efreets….She knows that the spells Planaar Shift doesn’t expire and she must find her own way back to the material plane! (good thing she has a teleportation circle spell stored in her ring).
    *Meanwhile, the fight continues, Bashaar and Loganth kill all the adds and the rest of the party concentrates on the efreet.
    *The salamander manages to grapple Grugain with its tail as he tries to get closer to the efreet.. and then Loganth casts a Cantrip, Frost Bolt, on it… he gets a critical hit and (becuase he took a critical hit card from the deck) it banishes the salamander to another plane… the plane for fire…. right next to Fendi (who is luckily still invisible) but… since Grugain was grappled by it… Grugain gets banished to…
  • Fendi knows that Grugain can’t get back by himself so she must stay and help him get back.
    *Loganth knows that if another banishment spell is cast over where the planaar shift was casted that it may reserve the spell to create a portal between both planes, it could maybe be held open for a round… Kilrin tries and succeeds to keep it open. The efreet isn’t pleased as he gets banished to his home plan and tries to reach through the portal at Kilrin.
  • Fendira waits to see if Grugain makes it before jumping in. Grugain makes it an casts an eldridge blast to push back the efreet trying to get Kilrin, Bashaar wants his weapon and Grugain wants toget it for him, by chance, the efreet drops its weapon, a scimitar! woo! Unfortunately the scimitar has lost its special fire abilities… and it is just a regular weapon.. boo
    *Fendi goes through the portal and it closes.
    *we Clean up the rest of the adds and start exploring. We find a shaft and draw bridge that leads to a floating disk surrounded by lava that seems to be able to go downwards. We think maybe it is the entrance to the feign of the eye.

- We move on to 3 doors that are just after a little set of stairs.

- 2 of the doors are just storage rooms and the 3rd… holds hell hounds and we get burnt! we fight them and then take a short rest with no incident.

- the last place we find in this hallway is a small door with the gears that control the flow of the lava. we stop it and Bashaar smashes them,.



Soryyn Fendira

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