Princes of the Apocalypse

Session #36 - The Siege of Red Larch

Fendiry, Grugain, Smitty (Nat, Ben, Jase)

Captain: Smitty (heck yes)
Loremaster: Smitty (by default)

Fendira teleports us to Redlarch and it’s quiet…too quiet
Fendira invisibles herself and uses her broom for reconnaissance
Air Prophet has a pit of dead people and is floating the Sheriff above it
She sits on a throne on top of a mound about 30ft high facing the pit (under the throne there is a box with a devastation orb WMD in it)
Invisible Stalker whispers to her that we’ve arrived
Grugain stalls while Smitty and Fendira get into position
Fendira surveys from a distance, Smitty is invisible and follows in Grugain’s footsteps

Invisible Stalker
Air Elemental
Cultists x4 (2 basics, and 2 appear stronger)
Djinn (summoned by a horn)

Grugain has blasts to push cultists around, one in the pit, which was cool
Fendira has bada boom spells and generally focuses the Prophet
Smitty tries a banishing smite on the stalker. It does damage but not enough to banish

We get pummeled, Air Prophet gets a horn to summon a Djinn and an air elemental comes out of the pit.

Turning point in the fight:
Smitty casts heat metal on the spear the prophet is using to mitigate damage from spells and she holds onto it with both hands, tossing the horn to the side
Fendira dimension doors to the horn and blows it
When the Djinn arrives, it is under Fendira’s control and she instructs it to destroy the Air Cult
The Prophet is using her spear’s ability many times and then runs out of charges
She has disadvantage from the heat metal, and Fendira casts phantasmal killer which succeeds (double 4 on d20s)
The fight is ultimately over, the cultists go into a catatonic state, the elementals return to their native planes, and we do clean up.
Fendira destroys the horn and frees the Djinn
The Djinn thanks us and before it leaves and tells us to beware of Yan-C-Bin, the Prince of Evil Air, and that Windvane contains a spark of his essence (the Djinn also name drops his dad’s name which was too long for Kyle to pronounce, he might copy paste it here).

LOOT – Shard, Windvane

We set up to stay a while until Kilrin can rez everyone who’s died in town due to the cultists (none of that BS where he raises anyone and everyone…)

That evening, while we were asleep, we all received a dream where we see through the eyes of the Air Prophet. She is believed to be in the (nexus? That core place we’re assuming we’re ending up) and witness the first time she laid eyes on Windvane and grasped it in her hands. It is believed that the proximity to Yan-C-Bin’s evil essence through Windvane triggered it.


Soryyn Soryyn

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