Princes of the Apocalypse

Session #37 - The Shadow Dragon

Playas: Jason, Nick, Ben, Justin, Nat
Loots: n/a

-Decide to raise several citizens of Red Larch who were killed by the air prophet
-Kilrin agrees to lend his mighty power to raise the dead in Redlarch, there are whispers of raising a statue in his name
-Teleport to Waterdeep to get to get diamond dust and buy scrolls
-Megalstark Gemsplitter, a gemtrader in Waterdeep, agrees to give us 4000 gp worth of diamond dust for 3000g. In exchange we agreed to buy and sell gems exclusively with him and have Drongar wear the shop’s logo on the front and back of his armor at all times
-Nasaug casts Plant Growth on the cucumber farms surrounding Redlarch, the people consider adding him to the statue
-Kirlin demonstrates his god like power and raises 5 people from the dead, several citizens banded together to start a religion with Kilrin as the deity
-Owner of Singing Sword does not want to return to life and the spell fizzles
-Receive a Sending spell asking to meet a faction agent at the Singing Sword tomorrow, look for the women made of stone
-Meet the women at the Singing Sword and find out about a Shadow Dragon called the Dark Lady that lies underneath Rundreth Manor
-The townsfolk gather outside before the adventurers leave. Little girl Kilrin graciously resurrected presents to the group the key to the Singing Sword Inn which will henceforth be called the Pickle Barrel. The mayor of the town says that the inn is there’s now, and no one is more deserving of it.
-Arrive at Rundreth Manor, Kilrin falls down a trap and on a his giant dwarf ass (very “Super Mario butt slam”). The people lose faith and decide Loganth is their one true God to worship.
-Find a female drow in the basement, aka the Dark Lady
-Enter a game of asking questions in turns to find out motives etc
-Find out some history on the weapons the prophets carry. Centuries ago, a drow named Vizeran DeVir used the power of the shrine to make four elemental weapons, one each of air, water, earth, and fire. Each weapon is connected to an extraplanar Prince of Elemental Evil. These weapons can open or close a portal to the Inner Plane of that element.
-Also mentions that all the cults fear the "Elder Elemental Eye’ and that below the temples is the ‘Fane of the Eye’, which is an ancient drow shrine to the Elder Elemental Eye
-Indicates that she has an interest in eliminating the elemental evil and lets us go, on the condition that they eliminate the cultists from the land
-The “Major Image” of the drow lady vanishes, and new voice, familiar, but deep and rumbling from the shadows says that she is bored of them now, and to leave.
-Head to the water temple in order to enter the fane of the eye


Soryyn KeithBuchanan

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