Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 39: Mystery of the Ooze

(spoiler it's Bashar)

Players: Loganth, Fendira, Bashar, Smitty and Nasaug
Captain: Fendira
Loremaster: Smitty

Bashar = Ochre Jelly = Ooz like creature
Bashar + Ooze = Bashooze

Smitty lends his Band of Intellect to Bashooze
We kite him around the room for an hour while it attunes and he stops trying to eat us
We go West


Night Mare
2x Fire Priest
1x dead Minotaur
+1 Red Dragon (Flamestrike)

Red Dragon is polymorphed into a crab and placed in the black hole
Purple Eye is cast by Priest over the top of the altar
Lots of CC with counterspelling from Fendira, Loganth and Smitty
Bashooze is nearly killed. Nasaug unpolymorphs himself to heal Bashooze
We kill everything, and Bashooze gets the last hit on Vanifer

We find Tinderstrike (dagger) with the spark of Immix

Investigating altar = Evil psychic energy like the clouds in the hallways
We decide to confront the dragon
We let go of polymorph and talk to the dragon

He agrees to not kill us, smashes the altar as the only thing he can do to help us and warns us about his mother

Bashooz has started eating the Minotaur

TREASURE!!! found on dead Minotaur

130 sp
220 gp
2x Hematite 50gp/ea
20 pp


Soryyn JasonLalonde

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