Princes of the Apocalypse

Session #40 - The Gong Show

Justin, Matt, Nick, Ben, Nat

- Fendira identifies the shield found previously, +1 shield (given to Kilrin)
- Fendira casts a Tiny Hut for the party to rest after their battle with the fire prophet Vanifer, we are resting in the altar room
- We know that the autction for the magical items is tonight, a unanimous decision is made not to go
- We investigate the altar and find out that the Temple of Elder Elemental Eye is from before the time of the Besilmer. There are warm spots around the zigauraut which is a place of reverance.
Drongar decides to touch one of the pieces of the broken altar and he is almost consumed by evil
- Nausaug used 100gp of Diamon Dust to cast Greater Restoration on Bashooze. This was after discussion if we should or not,… it was kinda fun having an ooze pet.
- The ooze forms back into a Bashaar shape… he looks like Neo when he awakens from the Matrix, naked, googy except with a headband of intellect on his head. Bashaar’s nose will forever leak of ooze like goo

- We move on to next room with Grugain disguised as a fire cultist.
Grugain is not hurt by the cloud and Nausaug decides to change into an earth element and burrow throw the wall of stone to make a path around the cloud.. Fendira follows the tunnel left behind by NS to pass safely… except they dont… NS falls into a pool of fiery water and Fendira gets burned by it but manages to fly away on her broom before falling. NS ends up at the bottom of the pool and decides to “dig up stupid”.

- We see a symbol of the elemental eye that contains all of the cult symbols put together.
We find a sarcophagus that has demons carved all around it but it is empty other than the dust and bones left behind.

- We move on to the next room where we see an ogre pinned to the wall dead, 3 fire minotaurs and a weird symbol on the ground
FIGHT!! these bitches are immune to fire…
- This room is where the Drow used to summon demons but the symbol is super worn out and unusable – Grugain destroys it some more (i think he has mommy issues).


- we move on.. we FIND THE ENTRANCE TO THE FIRE NODE!! it is the disc that goes up and down..

while the party is discussing whether to move on to see if can find the other 2 prophets and weapons or go directly down this node to destroy the fire one, _Drongar__ finds a gong . He examines it and with his crafting experience, decides it is poorly made and throws it down the fire pit…. it burns..

The party comes back with the decision to go down to the node and destroy the weapon. Now how do we make the platform lower? … we look at Drongar and the gong is gone… that was the way to make the platform lower… all members of the party except Drongar facepalms.

As we hear the gong hit the fire pit below, we see that the platform starts to lower.. crap, we aren’t on it.. Kilrin hops on the back of Fendira’s broom, Grugain misty steps down and NS and Drongar manage to jump on the moving platform.

- We have made to the bottom, we are in the Node! As we get to the bottom, we are surrounded by a fiery lake of lava… we see a path that leads from the platform to solid ground.

But since the gong was so quielty thrown down, the fire priest close by sees us, presses a button that removes the path and blows a horn….


Soryyn Soryyn

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