Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 43: Smitty's gone crazy

By Nasaug

Rest up

  • After defeating the fire dragon, the group takes a much needed long rest inside Fendira’s hut.
  • During the night, Smitty is plagued by dreams.

Smitty’s dream

  • Smitty awakes to find himself trapped 700 years in the past.
  • He has two children: bronzesmith & windpipe.
  • Smitty lives a life in Del’zun peacefully for years until one day it becomes ensalved by mind flayers
  • Smitty family is killed and he becomes a salve to the mind flayers.
  • Smitty awakes in a panic. The magic harp explains he has shared his life’s memories with Smitty.
  • Smitty is mumbling random sounds to a harp. He’s clearly cracked. He keeps saying the harp is talking….

Rescue survivors

  • We finish searching the fire node for any survivors (found a couple).
  • Nasaug casts Wind walk and we all turn into wisps of air allowing us all to fly out of the fire node.
  • We tell the survivors to fly out to the earth template and get to a town for help.


  • We continue searching for the other nodes until we enter a room with 2 giants playing tick, tack, toe
  • Smitty manages to convince a giant to bet his weapon in a game.
  • Smitty wins and we end up having to kill both giants.
  • We find a fungus room
  • We find what looks like the water node entrance
  • We find a barracks and kill all the soldiers.
  • We continue searching and discover


  • 22pp, 160gp, 300gp, 150g, mummified human head (worthless)
  • 2300cp, 2050sp, 290gp, 200gp (gold chain)


Soryyn Nasaug

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