Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 44

Loot: Find 5x Balloon pack gives feather fall and levitate
Players: Nat, Jase, Ben, Nick, Justin

-Investigate an orb. Fendira touches orb and spawns a tornado. We killed some flying swords.
-Find giant worm the leads to the air temple. Could have found the node 20 sessions ago.
-Find giant hole. Jump down and are still alive.
-Walk down a dark tunnel, which we determine is built by dark gnomes
-Find another chasm with fog. Nasaug and Grugain investigate. We cross the chasm
-Find a mass dark gnome grave. They were killed by the air prophet in an early devistating orb test
-Their ghosts attack us and we slay them
-Find a Nycaloth torturing 4 people
-Killed Nycaloth


Soryyn justin_hollick

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