Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 32 Return to Fire!

Cause we go back to a fire temple

After a long fought battle against the forces of Elemental Evil, we take a bit of time for ourselves in Waterdeep.

Krausen is resurrected with the help of Kilren and Captain Drongar.

Setting our plans in motion to potentially find items of great worth for our fight against evil, we decide to make use of our time waiting. We investigate the site of our first battle with the Fire Cultists. There was a feeling that we may have missed something…

We travel to the site of the tower where we defeated the huge Fire Elemental and discover an entrance.

Grugain disguises himself as a fire cultist and talks his way passed the first set of hobgoblin guards we cross. Onward, we meet two Razorblasts who almost take the bait, but they see through the clever ruse for “no on loves Bastion!” and four pillars of lava erupt to create AoE damage to everyone within range.

We kill the Razorblasts (even with their exploding death throws) and take out the hobgoblins heading our way from the commotion.

Smitty brilliantly deduces the passphrase that shuts off the pillars of lava (Immux defend us no more) and our heroes are ready to continue pushing forward after a short rest.

Kilrin points out to Grugain that maybe he should try casting his spells after the short rest for fun. Grugain objects and says it just won’t work, he used up all his magicky magics to stay alive. Kilrin insists and low and behold…Grugain is much stronger than he ever knew. All he needs is a short rest to regain spells. Huzzah!


To be continued…


Soryyn JasonLalonde

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