Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 42: Here there be DRAGON!

Dragon's are scary

Players: Fendira, Drongar, Kilrin, Grugain and Smitty
Captain: Kilrin

Loot: * Someone’s taken it already
*Scales: enough to make any size armour (Drongar)
- 6600gp
- 8 bottles of wine (1.6gp ea)
- Lyre bejewelled
- 6 lbs of platinum = 3000gp
- Navigator’s tools = 25gp
- Thieves tools
- 9 blue white diamonds (5000gp ea)(total = 45000) (Kilrin for rezzing)
- Opal bracelet set = 2500gp
- Jade jewelled anklet = 2500gp
- Silver Crown = 7500gp
- Carved bone platinum coarsing = 7500gp
- Glass statue = 7500gp
- Game board = 7500gp
- Opal child sarcophagus = 7500gp
- Exotic wood jewellery box = 750gp
- Triangular magic jem – Iounstone of reserve (holds one spell)
*Anstruth Harp (Smitty)
*Staff of Withering
- Ring of evasion
*Rod of Alertness
*Staff of Power
*Dragon’s head (Smitty)

We killed a dragon yo! There was a portal to Immix, an alter and a big colossus statue that had lava coming out of it. On top of it was the Dragon and he was all roided up. It was figured out that if the dagger was chucked into the portal, that it would collapse and Immix would be trapped. After a while, we get started on creating a diversion so that Fendira can fly the dagger to the portal. The Dragon was distracted but he had two lackeys that interfered with Fendira. The fight was like a roller-coaster. Drongar did his tankily duties, Kilrin did his heals, Fendira and Grugain took care of the cultists and Smitty just improvised in the middle (there was a mammoth and it was really useful). After Fendira managed to get rid of the dagger, the Dragon’s roids wear off and he flops over dead (went from Ancient back to Adult with too few hitpoints). There was much rejoicing. Most important of all is that Smitty found his new best friend but didn’t even know it yet…cause he doesn’t understand Darkspeech…YET!

dah end


Soryyn JasonLalonde

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