Princes of the Apocalypse

Session #45 - Passing Gas

Cavern of the Howling Winds

We are still in the Air node

We look at the Drow and aarakocra, plus two air cultists that are still hanging upside down in the debris littered room we fought the Nycaloth.
The drow, male not wearing any Drow house markings
Smitty plays the harp to levitates Drongar to save the prisoners
The aarakocra is a female
They are pretty tortured
The two cultist are unconscious as well the aarakocra – drongar healed them
The drow is waking up
The aarakocra was captured by the feather Gale Knights and was being interrogated by the Nycaloth for weeks.
The drow thanks us but he wishes to leave…
He is named Balix, a historian, exploring the fane of the eye… see if the surfacers are here.
Smitty asks about the mind flayers that attack the dwarves of Delzoun form 700 years ago.
Grugain asks about the Devir family, and their links to the fane… nothing to report
He says all he knows of the air cultist plans is for the Summoning of Yan-C-Bin
He uses darkness and disappears (Smoke Bomb)
Fendira, investigating, discovers a spider silk pouch
holding a necklace of prayers beads… 1 Bead of blessing, summons, curing(2nd level and lesser restoration), windwalking (cast spell as bonus action) – requires attunement by a cleric, pally or druid.
23 platinum pieces

Drongart and Smitty approach the Air cultist who are very sullen and unspeaking. They were on the hook for questioning by Arissy. They have leather armor and dagger. Drongar tries to tell them a speech about goodness.. They don’t listen.. They are air heads according to the omni present and Godly voice of the DM.
“We feel empty…the wind sustains us”
Smitty double talks to them to try and discover about secrets
“We are not allowed in there”
Smytty gets info – Grugain get the empathic reading (insight) –
The cultist say “we can feel its power is North – the priest have spoken of howling winds..
We set them free and they run for the surface.
We try a short rest.. Drongar stands guard.. Nothing happens
Fendira cast true seeing – The magic eyes are still scrying us
They all over the place, they do not move (they go down the hallways) – they have been following us since the beginning
We go eastward with the knowledge of we are being watched, looking for the path northward.
We see a room of fungi and toadstools substance. They are different colors and some are edible and other are poisonous.
We are not sure we want to go but it seemed the only way..
Some glow and a sound of of water can be heard.
Fendira can identify some – spotted white – recognise at a flugush-shlop – mimic a potion of longevity

drongar and Fendira take some – one of the red ones are edible – three lavender mushroom – cure
two amber ones are magic – potion of heroism – Grugain takes one to help with reduced HP
ony good fresh
Drongar tries a red one – con check – he then belches and fight off the poison (but get some hp back)
We find a large pond
Water glows with silvery fish,
A casket on a small island in the middle, on a column that goes 20 feet up
silvery fish. Regular under dark fish.
Grugain detects magic from the casket. I otherworldly leep but the fungus on the column make it slick. Grugain climbs to the top with effort. The casket is covered in the fungus. Fendra identifies it as yellow mold – spores, that is not good – light and fire can destroy it.
Fendira uses cold instead and the spores attacks us.
Grugain is affected by the poisoned.
Grugain gets to drongar for him to remove the poison.
Drongar lights a torch and hands it to Fendria
the mold shrieks and lights up like magnesium.
It reveals a dwarf casket.
Here rest Godwin the Wyrmbane, dragon slayer and peacemaker.
Smitty puts on his gloves and and looks to see if they have traps. none
He opens it and find a skeleton with a dragon battered breast plate made of iron. mitty puts it on the armor.
short sword is magic..
Smitty Removes the short sword and a low moan for the casket is heard Echoing through the room.
after he removes the sword. It is identified as a dragon slayer weapon (no need attunement) + 3d6 against dragons.
Smitty discovers that he is a knight of Basilmer… he slayed a few dragons.. His resting place was never known. UNTIL NOW
We continue north.. The stone passage way seems like it was melted..
Stalagmite and Stalactite .. The howling continues. We continue slowly
Spewing from the crack from the ooze, black pudding, directly in front of Grugain…SIGH!!!
it attacks me and dissolves His leather armor..
He mysty stepaway and uses blight it.
Drongra hits it with a radiant hammer attack and calls a divine might.
It actually screeches and howls .
smitty tries a wall of thorns around it seems to take damage from it. It tries to escape, Drongar hits it again and the thorns rips it to shreds some more, and they spit them into two.
Grugain blasts them with eldritch, not much happens.
Fendira blast it with fireball destroying them both.
We go back through the toadstool room and find another casm away from the lake.
100 feet deep.. We try to pass on the narrow ledge.
Smitty falls off the broom and feather falls.
Thunder fills the chasm and he is defended .. and he talking louder cause he can not hear himself… We all wish to kill him now…
smitty keeps getting knock back and forth in the chasm.
Drongar tries to pull him up, but falls also.
Smitty polymorphs into a giant spider and helps drongar up
The floor is uneven… a cavern lay ahead.
Fendira stealths ahead.. Grugain follows and he does not detect magic.
A larger room.. Whispering wind.
Grugain check to see if we are not being followed.
Its eerily quiet..
We do a perception check and find another large cavern.
We continue to advance at the size of this area.
We find a small area and a green light ahead.
Kyle asks for ominous music.
An intersection with a constant howl.. Green brazier and rock columns..
Blood ropes gore splattered columns
two women with symbols of the air cult cut into their for head are tied to the columns
they are not dead
Drongar and Grugain approach to help the women, and we are attacked by 2 huge Balgoras
They resemble chim char- chim cham’s evil brother
They demons – they step out of invisibility..
One hits drongar with a critical… he is poisoned. .
Grugain blasted him and pushed him back with repelling blast.
Smitty cast Oto’s irresistible dance.
Like an orangutan he starts to dance uncontrollably
“Hello my baby, hello my darling, hello my ragtime Gaaaaaal”
then he does the monkey.
Fendira hits it with an vitriolic sphere with (acid damage).
Grugain gets hit with reckless abandon and take a massive amounts of damage.
But He then blasts him afterwards with destructive effect.
Smitty destroys him also with an eldritch blast.
One of the women Naris gladam (farmer from red larch) and the other Disianne Norvael. From the water deep delegation – drongar heal them.
They were going to be sacrifice (last two) one on each pillars..
10 human sacrifices in total.
The devout cultist are up head she says.
They have a spot where they feed on air..
Drongar continues down.
The wind is so strong he has to do a STR save
Grugain follows him and we need to also hold ourselves.
Dust everywhere.
More green flame in the brasier.
Howling Hatred priest but seem mutated (have not eaten in months as they eat air) are int the room
Their robes are flapping but are not affected as e are by the wind.
Fendira and Smitty want to cast a fireball…
arcana to make sure the fire will not come back to us.
Captain drongar says DO IT!!!!!!!!.
They fireball the four of them and it comes back our way but only singes our eyes brow..
We looks surprised and ridiculous.
They evaporate into ash.
Grugain uses Dancing light to illuminate the area after Drongar’s torch dies.
We use the immovable rod to move forward
We arrive into a massive room where Three claws like pillars comes out of the ground. Large and impressive
Thunder and a storm cloud in the middle of it. We can see an endless sky in the middle and a silvery window to the evil air element Plane.
Cultist all around
One calls as they see us and says “They have arrived!”…
Above the three claw pilars forms a massive cyclone creature .. swords and armors swirling in its wind gusts… It gargantuan size…

WE are in trouble


Soryyn Soryyn

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